How soon will my assignments be marked and sent back to me?

You’ll get your marked assignment back, with detailed feedback, within a week of submission.

How do I register with CambriLearn?

It’s really quick and simple. Just go here. There’ll be a form that will ask for all your details, which you’ll provide before clicking the ‘sign up’ button. Remember to make your password at least 8 characters long, for better security. Next, you’ll get an email with a link you’ll click to confirm your account. Once you confirm your email address, you’ll be registered on the site.

I forgot my password. Can I reset it?

Yes, you can. Login and click on ‘Forgot your password?’ Enter your email address and press ‘submit’. You’ll get an email from with your next steps. Remember to check your junk and spam folders if you haven’t heard from us.

Does South Africa recognise Cambridge qualifications?

The short answer is yes. The Advanced Subsidiary (AS) level is the same as a South African Grade 12/Matric. It’s also recognised by the SA Matriculation Board (UMALUSI) as the equivalent of Senior Certificate subjects (NQF4), which you’ll need to get into university. If you’re 16 or older, and you’ve completed either International GCSE or Grade 11, then you can take this course.

For how long is my subscription valid?

Both Premium and Standard subscriptions will be valid for 12 months, starting from the day you activate.

Is there a CambriLearn App?

CambriLearn is totally compatible with mobile, laptop and desktop devices, without the need for a separate app.

How can I talk to my teacher?

Yes! Just use the chat feature to message your teacher.

What payment options do I have?

If you’re signing up for Premium, you can pay by either credit card / EFT / bank transfer / direct debit. If you’re taking the Standard subscription, you’ll pay with your credit card. If you’re based in South Africa, you also have the option to use PayFast, which will EFT your payment instantly, immediately activating your account.

Can I pay in any currency?

Our prices are based in US dollars, but don’t stress if your currency is different. Your bank will handle your currency conversions and calculate this at the time you pay.

Are there any hidden costs?

Our tuition fees don’t include the cost of textbooks, nor the cost of exams. Please note that exams for IGCSE and AS and A Level are administered by accredited Cambridge Exam Centres or British Councils, who charge a separate fee.

How do I register for an exam?
  • For CambriLearn Primary and Foundation 1 & 2 students (this is Foundation Phase to High School) you don’t need to pay any additional exam fees. When you complete the exam is also entirely up to you.
  • If you’re 16 or older, you’re an independent student, and this means you need to write exams at a Cambridge test venue that allows ‘private candidates’ to write there.
  • If you need to find a test centre near you, please visit this page.
  • Because you’re a private candidate, you’ll have to communicate with your chosen test centre directly, as you have to register yourself when arranging your exam time. There’s an exam in May/June and another in October/November each year. You contact the exam centre at least three months before you choose to write your exam.
  • To view the exam timetables, please visit this page.
What support can I expect as a student?

Every level of our CambriLearn system prepares both parents and children for homeschooling. If you’re a parent who’s working full-time, and your child is without additional tutor support, we strongly urge you to consider the Premium Package, as it provides additional support from teachers to help students master their work.

For the Premium Package, you’ll get:

  • The full course content (British curriculum) along with notes and video lessons that you have unlimited access to
  • Weekly live lessons
  • A student tracker
  • Marked assignments, mock exams and progression tests
  • Live Question and Answer sessions with teachers
  • Chat function with subject experts throughout each week

For the Standard Package, you get all the course content, live online lessons, tracked progress and marked assignments, but the standard package does not include live Q&A sessions with teachers, the chat function with subject experts or mock exams.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You are welcome to cancel, but only under the following terms and conditions:

  • If you wish to cancel within four months of subscribing, you’ll be charged a fee of $150 plus one month’s usage as a fixed fee. There will also be a charge for the number of months you’ve used in your subscription, which includes the month of cancellation.
  • If you wish to cancel after four months of your subscription activation, you will not receive a refund.
  • We reserve the right to charge a reasonable cancellation admin fee at our discretion.
How do I know which subjects to take?

The subjects you choose now will be the foundation for your future career choices. What you decide to study is very important. Luckily, we have a team of experienced education consultants who are on hand to advise you on the best decisions to make now for your future plans. Why not speak to them now, and book some time to chat?

How much do I need to pay?

As each student will have a different set of subjects they’re keen to take, and our pricing is based on courses and the package you select, pricing will vary for most students.

The good news is we’ve made it simple to determine how much you will pay for your course, either:

  • Simply sign up with a free account and add all the courses you wish to take to your checkout cart. At checkout, CambriLearn will automatically total up all fees and provide options for payment.
  • Or book a one-on-one chat with one of our experienced education consultants. They can go through each course, help you select the best package, and discuss the related fees.
I'm getting an error

If you encounter any technical problems, please report the issue by contacting us at or

We recommend using Google Chrome as your browser for the best performance.

Can I test the waters before I commit to subscribing?

If you’re interested in trialing the platform, please let us know by either booking a chat with one of our education consultants, or sending us a mail at

Are the teachers properly qualified?

Each of our teachers are professionally-trained, with many years of experience.

Is there a big difference between the Premium and Standard packages?

Both packages give you access to our world-class content. If you’re less in need of interaction from the teachers on the platform, the Standard package is your match. With the Premium subscription, you’ll also have access to our professionally trained teachers, who are available on our live chat, and who will return marked assignments and present live group sessions for every subject.

Do the fees include my textbooks and the exams I'll have to write?

Our lessons work hand in hand with textbook content, so you’ll need textbooks to complete your studies. The good news is that it’s easy to find textbooks, with many digital options available for immediate download. We have a list of preferred textbook suppliers that you can find here.

Any fees for progression tests for CambriLearn Primary, Foundation Phase to High School, as well as mock exams, are all included in all our tuition fees.

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