How does the test invigilation work on the British curriculum?

How does the test invigilation work on the British curriculum?

Students are advised to only attempt a test if they have completed all the prior assignments and coursework.

Please refer to the Course Planner documents (found in the course introductions) for guidance on when tests and exams are due.

Note that Progression Tests/Exams are the end of course exams and will only be accepted for marking once all other assignments and tests have been completed. 

Note that the assignments, mid-course tests and progression tests/exams contribute towards the learner's final average marks and will reflect on the Report Card issued by Cambrilearn.

(Report cards are not issued to IGCSE/ AS and A Level student because they receive their results directly from Cambridge Assessment International Education).

The tests are designed to mimic the exam conditions and help the student prepare for their eventual final exams. The more practice they have under these exam conditions, the better.


Step 1: To initiate a test or exam, navigate to the student dashboard for the relevant subject. You will see a block on the right-hand side of your screen that will say Test/Mid-course Test/Exam/Progression Paper. Request the paper by clicking on the blue 'Get Started' button underneath the test name on the student dashboard. 

Step 2: Follow the prompts to send the test to the designated invigilator, take note of the procedure and requirements on each page. There are 3 steps, click 'next' on each step to continue.

Step 3: The invigilator will receive an email containing a link where they will be able to download the test (The invigilator must be over 18, you cannot use another registered student's email address). 

Step 4: From the email, click on the 'Go to invigilator dashboard' button. Follow the process of taking note of the expected exam conditions to be enforced during the test. Download and print the test. 

Step 5: Carefully read the instructions on the front cover taking note of the instructions, stationery allowed and allocated time for the test. Please ensure that the student does not have access to the paper prior to sitting down to write the test. Ensure that the student completes the test on the assessment document provided, they may add exam paper pages if they need to, ensure these answers and pages are properly numbered and any rough work is labelled accordingly.

Step 6: Once the paper is downloaded the test timer will begin. You will have 48 hours to submit the completed test for marking.

Step 7: The invigilator must scan the completed paper into a single .pdf document. Check that all the pages are clear to read, scanned in the correct order, the right way up and that all questions are included. 

Step 8: The invigilator must access the same email and click on the 'Go to invigilator dashboard' button again, you will see that the portal has updated to allow for the upload. Select the file and click on 'submit'. The paper will now be available to the teacher for marking. 

 Prohibited Materials:

- No written materials of any kind are permitted e.g. the learner’s water bottle (if desired) should not have any labels on it.  

- No electronic devices such as cell phones or smart watches are permitted.  

- No calculator covers, or maths-set boxes are allowed. Stationery must be visible and/or in a clear see-through bag.

- No books or notes are allowed.  

Test Environment:

- The question paper may only be opened when the allocated time begins.  

- There is no reading time unless otherwise indicated.

- The learner must be supervised for the full duration of the paper.  

- The venue should be quiet, no communication or music/tv is allowed during the paper

- A 5-minute warning should be given before the end of the allocated time.  

- The learner should be able to clearly see the time throughout the test.

- At the end of the allocated time, the student must stop writing and close the paper, even if they haven’t finished.  


- Please ensure that any required concessions are in place before attempting any tests. For assistance or queries, contact or your Education Consultant for more information.

Reporting Unusual Events:

- Please note that should any unusual events occur during the exams e.g. load-shedding, learner falling ill, it must be reported on the cover page of the paper.

- If you have missed the deadline time to download or upload the exam papers, please contact

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