Why choose CambriLearn's
Education Affiliate

CambriLearn's Education Affiliate programme offers a secondary revenue stream for schools, tutors, education specialists and content creators.

Schools, learning centres and tutors enjoy the added benefit of expanding their education services to their students through CambriLearn's learning platform. CambriLearn provides structured online lessons and learning content that can be presented in a hybrid learning environment under the supervision of a teacher.

Our Affiliate Programme Partners

Content Creators

Content creators have the opportunity to earn commission from successful referrals made through their social media platforms and websites. Create content, share your referral link, and let CambriLearn's dedicated Education Consultants guide parents on their child's educational journey.

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Schools, Learning Centres & Tutors

Schools, learning centres and tutors harness the potential of internationally accredited online learning resources, blending them with in-person instruction to tailor a unique educational experience for each student. This approach ensures a personalised learning journey for every learner.

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Education Specialists

We collaborate with education consultants and psychologists to offer expert guidance for students who may not thrive within traditional schooling systems. To appreciate the trust you place in us through these partnerships, we extend a special discount to parents who join us on the recommendation of these professionals.

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Why CambriLearn's Affiliate Programme?

Dedicated Consultant

All students who enquire through your referral code will be helped by a dedicated CambriLearn Consultant who will offer advice and guidance on how to enrol students and provide you with regular updates as the platform continually enhances.

Online Training Material

Our support and marketing team has created an online repository on training material and brochures that will help you understand the CambriLearn platform and help you grow your business.

Customer Support

CambriLearn students and parents get access to our dedicated support staff that help them flourish as learners. Our team will help educators manage their student's learning journey by assisting with the learning platform if you experience any difficulties.

Community Groups

As a CambriLearn learning partner, you will be invited to join our private affiliate community groups where you can connect, engage and network with other learning partners.

Partner Marketing Assets

Perfect and promote your brand from the moment you start. We've put together a range of marketing assets to get you started. This includes; an official CambriLearn affiliate certificate, webpage and social media posts.

Recognised Qualifications

All our courses and qualifications prepare students for further studies locally and abroad. Once students have completed their school work through the CambriLearn platform, they'll write their exams at the relevant exam body to receive their certificate.