Can I upload bulk submissions?

Can I upload bulk submissions?

It is advised that students submit one assessment for marking at a time per subject. This is to ensure that students are working through the coursework and assessments in a systematic way, building on their knowledge as they progress. It also means that students get maximum benefit from their teacher's comments and corrections on marked papers and can learn from their mistakes before moving on. This is recommended. 

When students submit multiple papers for marking at once, this is considered a 'bulk submission'. This is discouraging as it puts the student at a disadvantage and extends marking times. The aim of assessments is to gauge student progress and to test understanding and knowledge. By rushing through assessments and not waiting for feedback in between, students do not have the opportunity to learn from previous errors and correct them, thereby improving their understanding and academic performance. Students are encouraged to take their time and to complete each assessment to the best of their ability.

Teachers aim to mark student assessments within an 8-working day period. They will mark it sooner than this when they have the capacity to do so. When you submit assessments in bulk, each assessment submission date will be staggered by 2 days each. This means that the overall marking time will be extended. 

Therefore, there is little advantage to submitting assessments in bulk.

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