Benefits of the robotics course

Creativity and problem-solving abilities

Robotics promotes an environment for children to think freely and creatively. Whilst brainstorming robotic concepts children will be faced with obstacles in their creation process that will encourage them to come up with solutions to overcome these challenges.

Technological career development

The demand for STEM-related jobs will remain strong in the future. Programmers are required in almost every field and Robotics is a valuable skill set to introduce children to a digital career pathway. Being computer literate is now mandatory in many job roles and it has become a necessity for a child’s future to learn essential computer skills.

Science and math concepts

Robotics takes a different approach to teaching children science and math concepts that would otherwise be difficult for them to understand. These concepts give children practical examples of lessons that were previously learnt from a textbook and helps promote a more hands-on learning environment.

Promotes a love of learning

Children learn better when they have an active interest in the subject matter. Robotics is FUN and therefore assists in promoting an environment where children want to learn.

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