How do I join the CambriLearn Crew Discord channel?

How do I join the CambriLearn Crew Discord channel?

We're excited to have you join the CambriLearn Crew!

To start, please create a Discord Account (if you don't have one) here

Parent Consent:

- To ensure that we maintain a safe and secure online environment, students who wish to join the server will need to get consent from their parents and have an active CambriLearn subscription.

- To get consent a student can ask their parents to complete the consent form. Once completed you'll get a link to the CambriLearn Crew server to join. If you're having difficulties using the link, ensure that you're logged in to your Discord Account.

Troubleshooting Server Access:

- If the problem persists, please add CambriLearn#0001 as a friend on Discord by searching for the name in Discord. Our Crew Moderator will help you get on board as soon as possible.

- Alternatively, you can reach out to for further assistance.

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