The rules and procedures serve as the basis of an agreement between CambriLearn Online School and its students and parents.

Website Behaviour

What does it mean to be a CambriLearner?

CambriLearners take their education seriously and act with respect and integrity when interacting with their peers and teachers. CambriLearners are proud of their conscious choice to prioritise and personalise their education. They work hard to ensure positive progress and results.

General Manners

Whilst CambriLearn is an online learning platform, it is important to remember that behind every screen is a human being. As a CambriLearner, please practice etiquette and remember to be respectful and considerate to the person on the other side of the message. This includes, but is not limited to, our social media pages, forums and teacher chats.

Cyberbullying and Inappropriate Conduct

Cyberbullying is defined as ‘the use of electronic communication, particularly mobile phones and the internet, to bully a person’. CambriLearn has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to cyber-bullying. CambriLearn reserves the right to investigate and expel any learner that is found guilty of bullying or of inappropriate conduct.

If you, or any other learner, feel as though you have been exposed to any form of bullying, please alert us immediately, by emailing

Inappropriate conduct and bullying may include, but is not limited to:

  • Disparaging comments based on prejudice, sexual orientation, religion or race
  • Sexual content or sexual harassment
  • Swearing
  • Allusion to violence
  • Inappropriate jokes
  • Intimidation
  • Spamming of any kind

Website chat

Please ensure that you acknowledge receipt of or respond to all messages sent by teachers.


Q&A sessions are group sessions that are available to all CambriLearners. When attending a Q&A session, please show consideration to other attendees by practising the following etiquette;

  • If you are in a venue with a lot of background noise, please remember to mute your microphone when you are not talking.
  • Making fun of other students, in any way, is not acceptable.
  • Teachers and peers find it more enjoyable and interactive to see your face when they are talking specifically to you. However, it is your choice if you want to use a camera or not during Q&A sessions. If you have a personal preference to not make use of your camera, please let your teacher so that they are aware of your preference.

Live Lessons

The focus of our Live Lessons is learning. Please be considerate and respectful to your peers and teacher to maximise the learning benefits of our Live Lessons.

Things to remember:

  • Your teacher is recording the lesson, LIVE, for all students to access later in the Live Lesson Library. Listen carefully to the content, and after the lesson, your teacher will respond to as many questions as there is time for.
  • The Chat function, in addition to the Question-and-Answer function, is there for questions relating to the content of the lesson.
  • While the actual lesson is being recorded your teacher is not able to respond to the chat or Q&A channel.


Forums are accessible to all students and are designed to offer a communication platform between students. The forums are not to be used for any form of advertising.



Plagiarism will not be accepted at CambriLearn. If plagiarism is encountered in an assignment, the marking will be halted and the assignment will be returned with a mark of zero. Additionally, the student will receive a written warning. Repeated plagiarism can lead to the removal of the student from the CambriLearn platform.

At CambriLearn, plagiarism refers to the direct copying of memos (model answers), or copying of someone else’s work. Remember that plagiarism will only lead to short term gratification. By not receiving an honest assessment of your work, you will not be able to track and assess your current level of knowledge in order to best prepare yourself to write your final exams.

Bulk Submission

Assignments form a critical part of the learning process. The feedback that a student receives helps them to improve their understanding of the question and answer process, and therefore to perform better on the next assignment. Each assignment must be marked, and feedback will be received before the next assignment is attempted.

Bulk submissions of assignments will not be accepted; all assignments, except for the first, will be deleted from the system so that the student has an opportunity to redo assignments after feedback has been received.

Test Conditions

Assignments should be completed under test conditions, this means that the student should not have access to textbooks, course notes, or personal study notes. This is to be remembered for all assignments unless it is specified that you should complete a particular assignment differently. Each assignment gives an opportunity to test the true level of understanding and retainment of knowledge and key concepts.

Cover Sheet

The assignment cover sheet, or information requested on the cover sheet, must be submitted with each assignment.

Progression Tests / Exams / Mock Exams

It is important that the assignments are all completed and marked before a request for a progression test/exam/mock exam is made. The assignments provide important learning and revision opportunities.

International GCSE/AS/A Level Exams

CambriLearn is not a registered Cambridge examination centre. It is, therefore, your responsibility to find an examination centre and to confirm registration dates and costs for exams.

Parent/Tutor/Guardian Involvement

Maximum interaction by both student and parent/tutor/guardian is required for best results. Student use of the CambriLearn website should be actively monitored regularly via the Student Tracker.


Please note that in the case where any of the above rules are broken, or in a case of non-adherence to these procedures, CambriLearn reserves the right to take necessary action, deemed fit as a sensible consequence to the transgression.

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