What is required to study with CambriLearn?

What is required to study with CambriLearn?

A dedicated study space and basic stationery to complete assignments, make notes and study. 

From a technology perspective, we recommend an uncapped internet connection. Our learning platform can be accessed from laptops and tablets alike. Mobile phones can be used to access information/videos but are less versatile for daily learning.

A printer is convenient, however, print shops can be utilised as an alternative. Access to a scanner or mobile scanning app is required.

Finally, you'll also need to purchase textbooks (where applicable) which are used to supplement the course content.

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Are the teachers qualified?
Yes, all of our teachers are qualified, most of them having many years of experience teaching the relevant syllabi.
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Are there any additional costs over and above the subscription fees?
Our fees exclude textbooks and external exams written at an exam centre.
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Can I cancel my subscription?
Certain terms and conditions apply to cancellations. Please read the full article if you wish to cancel your subscription.
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