The difference between the Premium and Standard packages?

The difference between the Premium and Standard packages?

Both packages give you access to our world-class content, Live Lessons, and marked assessments. If you’re less in need of interaction from the teachers on the platform, the Standard package is for you.

With the Premium subscription, you will have the added benefit of direct access to our professionally trained teachers through the online chat feature on the Student Dashboard. This means that you can ask your teachers specific questions and receive a personal reply in a private chat. Also included is an additional online Q&A group session each week with the teacher and classmates to work through student questions or additional exercises.

You can purchase courses on different packages as required.

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Are the teachers qualified?
Yes, all of our teachers are qualified, most of them having many years of experience teaching the relevant syllabi.
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Are there any additional costs over and above the subscription fees?
Our fees exclude textbooks and external exams written at an exam centre.
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Can I cancel my subscription?
Certain terms and conditions apply to cancellations. Please read the full article if you wish to cancel your subscription.
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