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CambriLearn's Online High School Curriculums

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International British Curriculum

Based on the world’s most widely-recognised British system of learning and assessment, boasting more than 160 years of expertise.

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CAPS Curriculum

The Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) is the National Curriculum that is taught in most schools across South Africa.

Benefits of CambriLearn's Online Schooling Platform

Students who enrol with CambriLearn's CAPS Online High School or CambriLearn's International British Online High School can expect to enjoy the following benefits.

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Online Learning Content

Access detailed course outlines, videos and interactive lessons available 24/7 on mobile, laptop, tablet and PC.
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Academic Support

Built in platform notifications for parents, students and the CambriLearn team to ensure that our students remain on track to complete the school year.
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Accredited Online School

CambriLearn's CAPS Online High School is accredited with SACAI and International British High School is accredited with Cognia.
online classes for homeschooling students

Student Tracker

Easily track improvement and progress across each of your courses and get marked assignments with teacher feedback.
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Professionally Trained Teachers

Our faculty consist of professionally trained teachers, each hand picked because of their passion for education.
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Social and Cultural Activities

Students can connect with other students from across the globe on the CambriLearn server and student forum.

British Curriculum Online High School

The International British curriculum is based on the world’s most widely-recognised British system of learning and assessment, boasting more than 160 years of expertise. It is a highly-regarded and accredited primary and secondary school programme that allows a seamless integration with national curricula worldwide.

CambriLearn's International British Curriculum high school courses start at Foundation I&II, building a solid foundation in preparation for the Cambridge IGCSE and AS Level Exams.

At the end of the first year of A Level, students have the option of writing AS Level exams. These AS Levels are internationally recognised examinations, written at certified exam centres across the world.

Students proceeding to the full A Level can write their AS Level exams in one year and then the A Level exams the following year, or they can write all the exams in their second year of study. The CambriLearn A Level courses cover the second year of the A Level subjects.

Important notes on the British Curriculum for parents and guardians

CambriLearn CAPS Curriculum High School

CambriLearn CAPS is a SACAI accredited online high school that is fully compliant with the South African national curriculum, providing a personalised education that is completely supported by qualified teachers.

Whether you are a full-time homeschooler or you are looking to support your studies while enrolled in a traditional school, CambriLearn CAPS provides personalised support for each student to successfully achieve their National School Certificate.

The current grades on offer for high school students are:

Important notes on CAPS for parents and guardians

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What our students say about us

I like how we are able to rewatch our live lesson and can go through our course in our own pace. We can also repeat a lesson in case we didn't understand it and the Teachers also do make sure that if we didn't understand something in our assignments, that they help out by giving us advice.
Everything is so well explained, that it is a lot of fun to learn. I never had so much fun doing schoolwork before.
I just love Cambrilearn. I find that I, myself, am learning far, far better than I did back in school. I feel like I have a vaster knowledge of the work. I also love how the live lessons work and how you submit an assignment, I just love it. This has been the best move for me, and I WILL definitely (without a doubt) recommend Cambrilearn to other people. :)
Besides the weekly course content I also like the extra work the teachers send us before the live lessons and that they are always prepared before a class.
cambrilearn reviews
Teachers were very supportive and helpful. They responded in time when I had queries and overall were friendly and encouraging towards my learning at CambriLearn.