Updates & Insights

Benefits of a Student Tracker
In this article, we discuss some of the features of CambriLearn’s student tracker and highlight some benefits of being able to track a student’s progress online
How to become a teacher
In this article, we will discuss teaching as a career choice. Including how to become one, which subjects you need and a teacher's day-to-day responsibilities.
The impact of ChatGPT on education
We explore some of the practical uses of ChatGPT in education and the potential benefits and drawbacks that ChatGPT may have on the schooling system.
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CambriLearn Culture

Share Your Results November 2022
Here are a few of our top achievers from the 2022 IGCSE and AS-Levels exams. 
#CambriLearnReimagined Drawing Competition Recap
CambriLearn Students were given three canvases to choose from where they would need to redesign our Logo. Needless to say we were blown away!
CambriLearn Reimagined - 2022 Drawing Competition
Calling all our CambriLearn creatives, come show us what you got! We’re hosting a #CambriLearnReimagined drawing competition.