What support can I expect as a student?

What support can I expect as a student?

CambriLearn supports both parents and children in their homeschooling journey. If you’re a parent who’s working full-time, and your child is without additional tutor support, we strongly urge you to consider the Premium Package, as it provides additional support from teachers to help students master their coursework.

For the Premium Package, you’ll get:

- The full course content (British curriculum) along with notes and video lessons that you have unlimited access to

- Weekly live lessons

- A student tracker

- Marked assignments, mock exams, and progression tests

- Live Question and Answer sessions with teachers

- Chat function with subject experts throughout each week

For the Standard Package, you get all the course content, live online lessons, tracked progress and marked assignments, but the standard package does not include live Q&A sessions with teachers, the chat function with subject experts or mock exams.

Our Customer Support team are on hand to assist with any platform navigation, coursework queries, technical issues, and general student advice. 

We have an Academic Support process in place, monitoring student progress and flagging any possible areas of concern. This gives parents and tutors the opportunity for early intervention ensuring the academic success for the student. 

Concessions are available for students where special learning accommodations are required.

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Yes, all of our teachers are qualified, most of them having many years of experience teaching the relevant syllabi.
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Our fees exclude textbooks and external exams written at an exam centre.
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Can I cancel my subscription?
Certain terms and conditions apply to cancellations. Please read the full article if you wish to cancel your subscription.
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