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  • Delays in the delivery of textbooks are common. As such, we advise ordering textbooks at least a month in advance.
  • Our courses support the digital equivalent of all available textbooks. When purchasing digital textbooks, please note that these textbooks use an ISBN that is different from the physical textbook. Please make sure that you select the correct textbook, based on the textbook title.
Learning to Read
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Learning to Read
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Partner Supplier

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In 2018, Bala Kudu embarked on a journey to provide readers of all ages, ethnicities, languages and industry sectors with an enriched online bookstore to attend to all their studying needs.

Their passion for books coincides with their sustainable learning development initiative to enhance and grow literacy and knowledge in all corners of Africa.

Visit Bala Kudu’s online store and use the discount code BKCL@2022 for a 7.5% discount on your purchase.

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