How will my studies be flexible?

How will my studies be flexible?

British Curriculum: 

This curriculum is flexible, and you will be able to start at any time of the year.

The courses are self-paced and do not align with any specific calendar dates. You will schedule time off and holidays as suits you best. 

Bear in mind, the courses are based on a 30–34-week program and the subscriptions are valid for 12 months (52 weeks). Subscriptions can be extended if needed. 

Note that Live Lessons will start with the topic covered in 'Week 1' each January. Should you start at a different time of the year, the Live Lesson topic each week may not correlate with the content that you are currently working on. Students are still encouraged to join live lessons as they will serve as an introduction to upcoming topics or revision for topics already covered and the teacher's guidance and interaction are invaluable. 

These lessons are recorded, and students can access the recorded lessons at any time. The recorded lesson library is utilised by students who are unable to attend Live Lessons or for revision purposes. The recorded lessons are valid / current no matter the date that they were uploaded as the topic and content covered remains applicable to the course. 

At IGCSE, AS and A levels external exams are available twice a year in May/June and October / November. Please keep this in mind and plan accordingly. The courses are designed to prepare students for these exams, and they are advised to complete them, allowing at least 6 weeks for revision and past papers.

NB: IGCSE, AS and A Level student; be sure to register to write external exams with an accredited exam center at least 4 months ahead of time.


This curriculum follows the South African Government school term dates (National Curriculum). There is some flexibility as you can structure your child’s day-to-day learning in the way that suits you best. They are, however, expected to complete the coursework and assessments for a particular term, by the end of that term. This is closely monitored in the FET Phase (Grades 10-12).

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Yes, all of our teachers are qualified, most of them having many years of experience teaching the relevant syllabi.
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Certain terms and conditions apply to cancellations. Please read the full article if you wish to cancel your subscription.
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