How do I socialise when schooling with CambriLearn?

How do I socialise when schooling with CambriLearn?

There are multiple options for socialisation at CambriLearn. Some options include:

The Student Forum:

- All students can make use of the 'Student Forum' section on the platform to socialise with each other online. They will only have access to forums related to their own grades and subjects. 

Facebook Groups:

- There are a vast number of Facebook groups that homeschooling families can join to network. 

WhatsApp and Facebook Communities:

- Parents can connect with other parents to find socialisation opportunities on our WhatsApp community or our CambriLearn Facebook group.

Tutor Centres:

- They could join a tutor centre if they prefer in-person interaction with other learners of their age group.


- For our high school students, we've created a CambriLearn Crew Discord Server that functions as a real-time chat channel where students can discuss schoolwork, movies, books, and series as well as share art and music. 

Social Events:

- On occasion, social events will be available for students to attend. These will be area-based and available in South Africa only. Details will be communicated on WhatsApp groups and social media. 

Virtual Events:

- Various competitions are held virtually including writing and drawing competitions and our virtual talent show.

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