How Instagram contributes to studying

There’s an entire community of students who are networking to help each other with learning, studying and motivation.

How homeschooling gave this family the flexibility that traditional school could not

Meet Tamryn Hansen, a CambriLearn parent. In August 2020, Tamryn and her husband made the difficult decision to withdraw their two teenage children from school

11 Benefits of homeschooling

Homeschooling has become a modern alternative to traditional schools. While this option involves making a tough decision, it is not an impossible one.

Why kids should learn about artificial intelligence and machine learning

The world of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning isn’t just for computer scientists; it’s a world which our kids can begin to explore right now

Tech lovers, what should you study at university?

If you like the idea of building a career based around an exciting new technology, then a degree in any IT-related subject can be a good option for you.

The future of work and tech careers

According to The future of work in South Africa report, digitisation could result in a net gain of more than 1m jobs in South Africa by 2030!

What is Python coding?

Python is taught at GCSE, A-Level, and at University, so learning Python early on will give you a head start academically and in your projects! Read on

Meet the tutor: Sam – our coding with Python tutor

Meet Sam, one of our brilliant tutors teaching Coding with Python I and Coding with Python II courses.

CambriLearn launches new coding courses

CambriLearn and Fire Tech have partnered up and are excited to present coding courses for kids and teens between 12 and 17.

10 Ways artificial intelligence will change our kids’ lives

A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) defines the action of intelligent machines, such as autonomous vehicles, so that they work and react just like us humans.

8 Reasons kids need to learn to code

Here are our top eight reasons for encouraging your child to learn to code.

Our webinar wrap-up for November 2020

Our 2020 webinar series wrapped up this month and, while we'll be back in the new year, here are the key updates from this month.

Please, not another webinar! Webinar tips to create conversations

Don't think of it as a webinar – it's another tool in your homeschool arsenal.

Traditional education is getting a reboot, one that is long overdue

In our last two blog posts, we’ve explored how the pandemic is affecting traditional education and the opportunities that exist for online homeschooling.

The ‘new normal’: Uncertainties and opportunities for education

After several months of lockdown and shelter in place policies, the world, and traditional schools, are slowly opening up again.

Online learning: Why you should embrace the future of education

Currently, more than 1.2 billion children in 190 countries are affected by school closures and disrupted education.

Relationship Between Learning and Development

Maria Lycoudi, a CambriLearn teacher, explores whether it is learning that prompts development or is it development that prompts learning.

Early childhood development, the importance of play and the role of the educator

The adults or educators that provide the care and education of children from birth through to age 5, bear a great responsibility for their health development

Online schooling protocols following the COVID-19 outbreak

The Coronavirus has shaken numerous schooling systems across the globe, with many educational departments searching for viable contingency plans.

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body

Introduce your children to reading from as young an age as possible. Only by reading actual words will a child learn the intricacies of language.

What is understanding in mathematics, and is it different for learners and teachers?

The biggest problem teachers face with regard to this idea is how to identify whether understanding has occurred.

Does birth order affect your personality for better or for worse?

We all know that firstborns are bossy, and the youngest child gets away with murder, right? But just how true is this?

Tips to learn French

Anna Shabo shares her tips to learning French (and any other foreign language).

Teaching social skills with roleplaying games

Christine van Rooyen shares what social skills roleplaying games can teach children.

The importance of reading aloud to your child

Did you know? By the time babies reach their first birthday they will have learned all the sounds needed to speak their native language.

The future of tutoring: Online evolution or a freedom revolution?

As working-parent and single-parent families switch from traditional schooling to home education, the role of an outsourced tutor has grown.

How best to deal with teenage behaviour

Cecilia von Molendorff, CambriLearn's principal, shares a word of advice to parents and teachers on how to best deal with teenage behaviour.

Why online basic education is the future

In Kenya, studying for a degree online is becoming more acceptable as many degree courses become available through local Universities.

How to prepare for your Science exams and survive the stress!

Exams are coming and if you’re feeling relaxed and confident about your study plan and prospects in the forthcoming challenge, “Well splendid!” I say.

A parent’s role in their child’s education

Studies have found that only 25% of academic and/or job success is predicted by IQ, 75% of success is predicated by our perceptions of the world

What no-one ever tells home schooling parents and their children

We discuss why parents choose homeschooling, and share advice and insights for parents considering homeschooling

AS Level Biology – a word to the wise

Helen answers a few frequently asked questions about A and AS Level Biology.

Embracing a technology enabled future with a career in software development

How to embrace a technology-enabled future with a career path in software development.

Everything expats need to know about South African schools

Hugo, an education consultant at CambriLearn, shares his experience and insights with Expats regarding local schools in SA

Time management for homeschooling

If you have chosen to home school your children, you will soon realise that without careful time management, you are doomed to fail.

Unlocking the potential of homeschooling for ADD/ADHD students

Trying to get a disinterested ADD/ADHD student to do it can be nearly impossible. Which is why more families prefer online education

The Power of Handwriting: An Essential Study Aid

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first started lecturing and students would come to the front of the lecturing hall and take photos of the overhead projector.

Feature section: AS Level Trigonometry

Trigonometry is often perceived as a scary topic in mathematics, but I don’t believe it should be.

Parent involvement is crucial in homeschooling

In traditional schools, students have to fall in with the structures set in place. With homeschooling, parents need to provide the structure to learn

Overcoming adversity by finding your inner superhero

Each modern superhero always has a gift or curse which grants them superhuman abilities. This way, people other than themselves stand to benefit.

On-spectrum learning – children with borderline autism

For years now there have been misconceptions about the disorder of Autism, but there has never been a focus on its silver lining.

Best methods to solve Euclidean Geometry

Some learners really struggle to SEE Euclidean Geometry! No matter what they try, they keep hitting a wall and are not able to achieve what they want.

The lost art of reading books

Do you set aside time for reading? Research shows that the time people spend reading simply for pleasure is steadily declining.

How to motivate students to learn

Motivation comes in different forms to different people. Every single student is unique and cannot have the same motives or passion to excel.

Apply to local and international universities from South Africa

Did you know? SA high school students can complete secondary education in a way that allows them to qualify to apply to BOTH local & international universities

Why homeschooling is bad for kids: Debunking the myths

We discuss the persistent myths that face homeschooling, and provide the benefits homeschoolers enjoy.