Cambridge Curriculum vs CAPS: What is the difference between the CAPS and Cambridge Curriculum?

CambriLearn recently launched the CAPS curriculum on our online learning platform. Over the last few weeks, we have received many questions about the differences between the CAPS, Cambridge and International British Curriculum. In this article, we will explore these differences in an effort to help you make an informed decision on the best education solution for you and your family. 

What is the Cambridge Curriculum?

The Cambridge Curriculum is an International British curriculum that has become a very popular choice for homeschooling learners as it allows them the opportunity to obtain an internationally accredited education whilst offering the benefits of self-paced learning. The Cambridge and International British Curriculum give learners a clearly defined pathway for educational success from pre-primary right through to graduation. 

The four stages of the International British Curriculum are;

  • Primary
  • Lower Secondary
  • AS and A Levels

What are the benefits of the Cambridge or International British Curriculum?

  • Flexible schedule and self-paced learning: Students who enrol in the International British Curriculum are able to work through the course content at their own pace. This means that they can dictate their learning pathway based on their unique circumstances, abilities and schedules. 
  • International accreditation: The International British Curriculum is accepted at universities around the world. Learners who complete their A Levels and AS Levels are equipped with all the necessary educational tools to excel in a tertiary learning environment. 
  • An education solution when immigrating or travelling: The self-paced learning style and flexibility of the International British Curriculum means students can move countries during a school year. With many families looking to explore international learning and travel opportunities, the British Curriculum offers an education solution that promotes freedom and flexibility whilst maintaining a syllabus and assessment objectives that are standardised worldwide. 

Can you move from CAPS to the Cambridge or International British Curriculum? 

Students are able to move from the CAPS curriculum to the British curriculum if they’ve completed an equivalent Level or Grade. CambriLearn’s expert education consultants are available to give you the best advice on how to transfer from one curriculum to another and how to map out your child’s ideal learning schedule.  

Is the Cambridge Curriculum accepted by South African Universities?

Our International British Curriculum is recognised internationally (and that includes South Africa). Children who complete their British A Levels or AS Levels can apply to universities around the world. As with many university degrees, there may be a prerequisite to have completed certain subjects at High School level in order to qualify to register for a certain degree. We recommend having a professional subject or career choice assessment from our educational psychologist to ensure that your subject choices match your intended career pathway.   

What is CAPS?  

The Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) is the National Curriculum that is taught in most schools across South Africa. CAPS is not a new curriculum, it is an amendment to the National Curriculum Statement. The main goal of the revisions was to lessen the administrative load on teachers and to ensure that they have clear guidelines to maintain a level of consistency. With the updated CAPS curriculum, every subject in each grade has a comprehensive policy document. This document provides teachers with clearly defined course guidelines per grade and per subject. 

Children who enrol with the CAPS curriculum through CambriLearn will work according to the South African school terms and write their exams at accredited South African based exam centres. 

Which curriculum is better?

At CambriLearn, we believe that there is not one education approach best suited for all children. Just like there is no one curriculum best for all learners. 

The CAPS curriculum offers South African homeschoolers the opportunity to follow structured school terms and exam dates that enables them to integrate with the South African school year. 

Where on the other hand the International British curriculum offers the freedom and flexibility of self-paced learning and a possible younger graduation age. 

Both the CAPS and International British Curriculum are available to South African homeschooling students through our online homeschooling platform.

So whether you are interested in the CAPS or International British Curriculum, CambriLearn offers everything you need to ensure you receive an internationally accredited education in an environment that promotes individuality and personalised learning.

Catering for Gifted Children: CAPS vs Cambridge Curriculum

If you have noticed that your child seems to comprehend concepts far above their grade level or they are bored with their current schoolwork, they might be gifted. Gifted children learn at an accelerated rate and this should be celebrated. 

The Cambridge curriculum can cater to gifted learners as students are able to work at their own pace. In this case, a gifted student will be able to work through their course material and even finish their schooling sooner than typically expected. 

During the Primary and Lower Secondary Levels, students will be able to complete their course material and assessments at any time. At IGCSE, AS Levels, and A Levels, students are able to work through the course material at their own pace, but will only be able to write their Cambridge exams during the May/June and Oct/Nov exam times

The CAPS curriculum does follow the same schedule as the National curriculum which does make it difficult to progress faster than is typically expected of a student. 

Which Curriculum Will Suit Your Child? 

Both the CAPS and International British curriculum have their merits. Therefore, determining which curriculum will suit your child best depends entirely on their personal educational needs. Some students flourish on the CAPS curriculum, while others prefer the International British curriculum, it all depends on their personality and preference. 

To help you decide whether the CAPS or International curriculum is better for your child, we've created a handy quiz that weighs your family's educational needs. Take this one-minute quiz to learn which curriculum will work for you.

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Cambridge Curriculum vs CAPS: What is the difference between the CAPS and Cambridge Curriculum?

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Cambridge Curriculum vs CAPS: What is the difference between the CAPS and Cambridge Curriculum?

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