The Best Online Schools in South Africa According to Public Opinion

Navigating the realm of online education in South Africa requires a nuanced understanding of available options and the firsthand experiences of parents and learners. In this article, we embark on a comprehensive exploration of how to identify the best online schools in the country according to public opinion. 

What Are Online Schools?

An online school is an educational institution that provides courses and learning experiences through digital platforms, such as websites or apps. This method of education allows learners to access their studies from anywhere with an Internet connection, making it a flexible option for many. Online schools can range from elementary to high school levels, and some offer post-secondary education as well.

In online schooling, the curriculum and instruction are typically provided by certified teachers. Learners receive structured lessons, assignments, and assessments through the online platform, which can include pre-recorded videos, interactive activities, and live lessons. Online schools often offer a range of subjects, similar to traditional schools, and learners can interact with teachers and classmates through forums, chat, or video calls. Online learning is typically self-paced.

Homeschooling, on the other hand, is a form of education where parents or guardians take primary responsibility for their child's education at home. Parents choose or create learning materials and methods, and the parent controls what is taught and how it's delivered. Homeschooling can involve a mix of traditional book-based learning, project-based learning, community resources, and sometimes online courses as well.

The key differences between online schooling and homeschooling lie in who provides the instruction and the structure of the curriculum. Online schools offer a more formalised education with a set curriculum delivered by teachers, while homeschooling relies on parents guiding their children through the learning process. Both forms of education share the benefit of allowing learners to learn in a comfortable, familiar environment and can be tailored to suit individual learning styles and needs.

Finding the Best Online Schools in South Africa

Finding the best online school is a crucial decision that requires careful consideration of various factors. There are 5 aspects that parents can take into consideration when choosing from different online schooling providers. 

1. Accreditation

Accreditation is a fundamental criterion when assessing the quality and legitimacy of an online school. Accredited institutions have undergone a rigorous evaluation process by recognised accrediting agencies, ensuring that they meet specific academic standards. This not only ensures that learners receive a high-quality education but also enhances the credibility of their certification in the eyes of universities. 

It's important to verify the accreditation status of the online school through official databases provided by relevant accrediting bodies.

2. Course Content and Structure

The curriculum and structure of online courses play a pivotal role in determining the effectiveness of a child’s education. Parents should evaluate whether the courses offered align with their children's academic and career goals. Examine the comprehensiveness of the curriculum, the relevance of the content to industry standards, and the methods of course delivery. Parents should also consider their child’s preferred learning style and ensure that the online school provides a format that suits their needs, whether it's live classes, pre-recorded lectures, or interactive assignments.

3. Support Services

Access to support services is crucial for a positive online learning experience. Evaluate the availability and effectiveness of support services, including technical support, academic advising, and career counselling. A responsive and comprehensive support system can contribute to a learner’s success in the program. Consider whether the online school provides resources for online learners, such as virtual libraries, tutoring services, and networking opportunities.

4. Faculty Credentials

The qualifications and experience of the faculty members are instrumental in delivering a high-quality education. Research the credentials of the instructors, including their academic background, industry experience, and any relevant certifications. Well-qualified and experienced faculty members contribute significantly to the depth and breadth of the education learners receive. Additionally, faculty accessibility and communication methods should be considered, as these factors can impact a learner's learning experience.

5. Reviews

Reviews and testimonials from current or former learners provide valuable insights into the learner experience, the quality of instruction, and the overall reputation of the online school. Platforms like HelloPeter and dedicated program forums can be valuable resources for gathering firsthand information. However, it's essential to approach reviews with a critical eye, considering both positive and negative feedback. Look for common themes in the reviews to gain a more balanced understanding of the online school's strengths and weaknesses.

Online School Reviews

For convenience, we have done some research and gathered reviews of 4 popular online schools in South Africa. We have gathered data from HelloPeter, Google Reviews, and Facebook Reviews to provide a comprehensive view. 


Google Reviews

Facebook Reviews

How Much Do Online Schools Cost?

The expense associated with online schooling is contingent on various factors, encompassing the selected curriculum, the online platform utilised, the learner's grade level, and the specific subjects undertaken.

One can view the difference in pricing between the online schools mentioned above by clicking on the links below.

Remember that it’s advisable to contact each online school and find out exactly how their pricing and tuition work before committing to an option. 

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The Best Online Schools in South Africa According to Public Opinion

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The Best Online Schools in South Africa According to Public Opinion

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