Online Homeschooling: Everything you need to know

What is the difference between online schooling and homeschooling?

An online school is a school that is administered online and provides an education that takes place outside of a traditional classroom. This involves making use of a learning programme performed through an online platform that connects students to a teacher during live classes, or where students can log on to software to complete course work with videos, games, or other learning tools.

The online school is responsible for designing the lessons, administering tests and recording results. This is a great tool to help homeschooling families gain access to structured coursework and professionally trained teachers. Online schooling can be done at home in a homeschooling environment or through a tutor or learning pod. This option provides students with the freedom and flexibility of online learning, combined with the support and social interaction of studying alongside a group of peers. 

Homeschooling refers to a child learning in a home environment. This typically places the responsibility on the parent or guardian. In this case, the parent is considered the teacher and is responsible for meeting all legal education requirements. If a parent or guardian chooses to homeschool without the use of an online schooling platform, then they are in charge of designing lessons, keeping track of the student’s progress.

Homeschooling and online schooling both provide flexibility for students. Homeschooling gives parents more responsibility to provide the lessons and content, whereas online schooling provides the parent with an online schooling platform that will afford the child a recognised qualification. Parents who homeschool (without the use of an online schooling platform) may also follow a standardised curriculum but they are responsible for creating the lesson content and monitoring the student’s progress and completion of the required coursework. 

The term online homeschooling can be used to describe a child who homeschools through an online learning platform. 

How much does online homeschooling cost?

Costs will depend on your choice of curriculum and the level of support required. CambriLearn offers different course packages depending on what features you would like to receive. The Standard Package gives students full access to the course content, live lessons, chat forums and marked assignments. The Premium Package includes added benefits through online Q&A sessions and a direct chat with teachers. To find out more about the prices of online schooling per curriculum, grade and package, please speak to a consultant.

Is online homeschooling a good idea?

Online homeschooling programmes encourage children to discover the joy of learning by taking responsibility for their progress and allowing the child to have freedom and flexibility in their learning. There are many benefits to choosing online homeschooling for your child’s education.

Benefits of online homeschooling

  1. Save Time: Parents can be as involved as they want to and they can customise the curriculum according to their child’s learning needs.
  2. Flexible Schedule: The child has access to the material anytime and anywhere, allowing you the freedom and flexibility to plan their timetable according to a schedule that suits your family.
  3. Self-paced Learning: Online homeschooling allows the child the flexibility to learn at their own pace. If they are struggling with a topic they can spend more time wrestling with it or if they are getting bored, they can pick up the pace.
  4. More Options: Online schooling offers a plethora of options when it comes to choosing courses. This allows you the option to customise the curriculum to meet your child’s needs and indulge their interests.
  5. Encourages Curiosity: With online homeschooling, every student can determine their own learning needs and work towards their own goals. Self-directed learning teaches students critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  6. On-demand Learning Material: There is a vast library of resources available online in the form of videos, graphics, animations, among others, to assist students with bridging knowledge gaps and fostering understanding.

What to look for in a good online schooling programme

  • Pick a program with highly qualified teachers who are experts in their subject matter and make sure that your chosen programme offers ongoing support when your child has questions.
  • Study the list of courses offered by the programme and ensure they meet the required guidelines and requirements.
  • Know what grade levels the courses are designed for so you choose the right content for your child’s age and education level.
  • Check to see if the programme has a quality curriculum that has been accredited by a third-party. CambriLearn is accredited by Cognia and Edexcel and registered with SACAI.

How to learn effectively with an online homeschool programme?

Find the right fit for you

Research the various online homeschooling programmes available and find the right fit for your child. Find a programme that meets your child’s needs, interests, and learning style.

Create your own home study space

It is important to understand what type of environment works best for your child. How do they learn and what environment supports them in their learning? Then set up a dedicated learning environment where they have access to high-speed internet and there is space for them to keep everything they need to be productive in their learning. 

Set and follow a schedule that works for you

Nowadays everyone can access the internet from anywhere allowing you and your child the flexibility to set your own schedule and develop a routine that works for your family. Do not limit yourself and your child, let them study at their favourite time of the day.

Many parents are starting to realise the benefits of online schooling. Whether you make use of a third party tutor or take on the responsibility of providing quality education in the comfort of your own home, CambriLearn offers an all-in-one solution to give your child an internationally accredited education that will open the door (and their minds) to a world of opportunity. 

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Online Homeschooling: Everything you need to know

Everything you need to know about a personalised education through online learning & homeschooling