What is the CambriLearn international curriculum?

The CambriLearn curriculum is based on the world’s most widely-recognised British system of learning and assessment, boasting more than 160 years of expertise. It is a highly-regarded and accredited primary and secondary school programme that allows a seamless integration with national curricula worldwide.

This is largely owing to its design, which encompasses global concepts, making it fully international and independent of traditional educational philosophy.

The British curriculum levels our students will follow

CambriLearn will take you through your whole schooling career, from Learning to Read and Write, all the way to completing your A Levels.

Benefits of the CambriLearn curriculum

The CambriLearn international curriculum sets a global standard for education and is recognised by universities and employers worldwide.

It is every student’s passport to an international tertiary education, accepted by universities and colleges in more than 160 countries.

By allowing students to start at any time of the year, they set the pace for their learning, unlimited by the bounds of any academic calendar. This is augmented by the freedom to tailor their subject choices according to their country’s specific requirements to achieve a school-leaving certificate.

How the CambriLearn homeschooling system works

By taking a competency-based approach to education, our curriculum allows students to study at the level at which they will excel. Although there are recommended ages at which different education levels should be taken, this approach means the levels are flexible enough to accommodate each student’s unique competence.

This is the ideal preparation for both tertiary studies and for the world of work, where the emphasis is on higher order thinking.

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