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CambriLearn’s Foundation II or an equivalent.
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International GCSE French
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Course description

This course is tailored for students who are embarking on the journey of learning French as a foreign language. Its primary objective is to nurture proficiency in using the language for effective and practical communication in a variety of contexts.

In addition to linguistic competence, the course strives to provide a rich understanding of the cultural nuances of Francophone countries. By delving into the cultural tapestry of these regions, students gain valuable insights that go beyond language proficiency, fostering a deeper appreciation for the diverse communities that use French as their primary means of communication.

Furthermore, the course aspires to instil positive attitudes towards language acquisition and towards those who communicate in languages other than one's own. This inclusive approach not only promotes a more holistic understanding of language learning but also encourages a broader perspective on the interconnectedness of cultures and societies around the world.

Upon completion of the course, students will be prepared to write their International GCSE French foreign language exam at an accredited Cambridge exam centre.

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