Online schooling protocols following the COVID-19 outbreak

The Coronavirus has shaken numerous schooling systems across the globe, with many educational departments searching for viable contingency plans. This pandemic has thus resulted in over 102 countries closing their schools, and the number of countries enforcing closures is increasing daily. As a result, millions of students are now facing academic upheaval and parents/guardians opting for home-schooling for their children out of necessity.

The reality of a global schooling shutdown

Countries across the globe have yet to experience government-mandated school closures on this scale. The continuation of this international emergency also looks to threaten and disrupt the entire educational system. There has been no other time in history where both the educational and healthcare departments have had to band together in the name of student safety like today.

Given the severity of this outbreak, it is unsurprising that aggressive precautionary measures have been implemented. Particularly as this airborne virus has been elevated to the status of an international crisis. But what does this pandemic mean for school children? Have current educational institutions implemented regulated, efficient and effective online schooling systems for all students? What is the protocol when a pandemic actively disrupts existing educational structures?

Implications of school closures on students

The closing of schools undoubtedly takes a toll on students. It also promises an overwhelming domino effect, with far-reaching implications, should normal educational activities not resume. The effects of this include:

  • Denied student access to efficient learning materials
  • Long-term disruptions to academic routines
  • Lost educational time between students and teachers
  • Examination windows have since been altered
  • Student anxiety
  • Disruption and uncertainty to future life plans and timelines

In response to this ever-increasing list of implications, cooperative efforts between healthcare officials, government entities and educational departments have all concluded the best preventative step for all schools: homeschooling.

CambriLearn: the solution to online schooling needs

In order for students to remain on track with their current syllabus, many local and international schools have opted for CambriLearn. This is due to our full annual curriculum that has been developed and aligned with the most widely accepted international British academic boards. This ensures that all students following the curriculum, even from as early as pre-primary, will be on a trajectory to attaining their GCSEs, IGCSE’s, AS and A-Levels.

Our status as educational veterans - supporting students in over 100 countries - further solidifies why many parents/guardians are placing their trust in our academic ecosystem that has been designed to ensure seamless integrations for students moving from traditional schooling to home-schooling.

The benefits of the CambriLearn home-schooling offering

1. Multi-faceted, integrated approach to learning

In our experience, we have found that students require a complete platform that integrates live lessons taught by highly qualified teachers, a high-quality weekly curriculum, live Q&A/Classroom sessions (premium), direct access to teachers, marked assignments and marked mock exams (premium).

2. Year-round enrolment opportunities

CambriLearn prides itself in prioritising the student by ensuring that they can enrol at any time during the course of the academic year and continue their curriculum learning from the comfort of their home.

3. Student Tracker

Once logged into the system, students are able to view our student tracker. This is our exclusive analytics suite that has been specifically designed to record the efforts of our students and the alignment of those efforts to the marked assignments and mock exams. This includes their completion of worksheets, Q&A sessions, assignments, mock exams and Live Lessons. Our analytics suite also allows us to identify core challenges and underlying problems that our students may be experiencing.

4. Marked Assignments

Assignments that are based on testing student comprehension skills and the application of theory in line with examination standards are completed throughout the course. These assignments can either be used during direct sessions or completed by the student in their own time. Assignments are then uploaded and marked by our team of qualified teachers. Feedback is then sent back to the learner.

5. Live Lessons

Live Lessons are recorded and made readily available for students to re-watch as often as necessary. This helps solidify their understanding of the coursework, their comprehension and their application of this knowledge. Each video has been tagged and titled according to the specific content covered, helping students find the correct video and related suggestions.

Educational Consultants

Both students and their parent/guardian are assigned a designated educational consultant that will advise, assist and guide you all the way from subject selection through to official registration processes. The aim of this division is to remove the stress associated with making this educational transition.

CambriLearn continues to create virtual spaces where personalised and targeted support can be offered to all students during this global crisis. Click here to get in contact with our team that will happily guide you through our student-centred academic packages that will help put you and your child’s mind at ease.