Python Coding Course for Teens

Unlock your inner software engineer with a course that teaches you the skills to understand, create and debug like a pro.


About the Course

Python is one of the most in-demand coding languages in the world, used in start-ups, enterprise companies, and academic institutions. Our code-loving teachers develop your programming proficiency by showing you how to use variables, integers, floats, strings, loops, file I/O’s and data structures, as you work on your own challenge-focused projects. You will leave with the confidence to use the Python programming language independently.

A popular choice for students taking IGCSE or A-Level Computer science. While this is a beginners’ course, we do find that many teens who have already started to learn to program on their own find our “back to basics” approach very helpful as they fill in any gaps in their fundamentals. This is an online learning course taught by an expert tutor. You will join a small group of other young learners, working together in fun and interactive sessions. 

What You Will Learn


34 weeks


13:00-14:00: Live Lessons
14:00-14:30: Q&A Session

Suggested Age Levels

Ages 13-15


$645 once-off
$76.11 over 10 months

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