Is homeschooling legal in Portugal?

Homeschooling is legal in Portugal and has been regulated by the Ministry of Education since 1949. In order to homeschool, the learner must be registered in a public school or a private school, and the parents or legal guardians must have a University degree. 

If neither of the parents has a degree, they can still homeschool if they have a family member with a degree who can act as the 'responsável educativo’ (education responsible). Additionally, the person responsible for homeschooling must live in the same house as the child.

It is also possible for parents to hire a licensed tutor or teacher to facilitate their child’s education at home if they do not have a degree or a family member with a degree to facilitate education at home. 
Hiring a tutor or a teacher is distinguished from homeschooling as “Individual Learning” and is also a viable option for parents in Portugal. 

How does homeschooling work in Portugal

You can either enrol your child at a private or public Portuguese school, or you can choose to enrol your child in a foreign umbrella school that offers a homeschooling programme. The important thing is that you can prove that your child is receiving an education.

How to Register for Homeschooling via a Public or Private School?

To register, you would need to go to the nearest school and speak to the school secretary to book an appointment with the teacher in charge of homeschooling. Ask the secretary which documents you need to prepare. 

These will typically include: 

MEL, a non-profit organisation, is the Education Association in Portugal that offers legal advice and support with regards to homeschooling. By becoming a MEL member, you would be able to ask for legal advice and assistance when choosing a curriculum and registering for homeschooling in Portugal.

Choosing the homeschooling curriculum you will follow

A curriculum is a planned sequence of instruction that a child will follow to complete their education. You will need to choose a suitable curriculum that will ensure that your child has access to the opportunities that you would want them to pursue. 

A popular choice for expatriate homeschooling parents is the International British Curriculum which enables their children to apply to universities across the globe. Additionally, if they choose the International British curriculum, their child will be able to write their IGCSE and A Level exams at one of the Cambridge exam centres in their country

Reasons parents choose homeschooling in Portugal

Homeschooling is a growing education medium for parents in Portugal for the following reasons:

Access to quality education

Parents choose homeschooling their children to ensure that their children have access to a quality education which is often more affordable than private schooling options in Portugal. 

A broader approach to education

Homeschooling presents the opportunity to approach education in various ways, where learning takes place with every activity the parent and child engages in. 

Homeschooling can also provide a better learning environment for children with ADHD or children with other special learning needs because they can learn without stigmatization and discover their unique talents.

Expatriates wishing to simplify the schooling transition

Moving abroad is a uniquely challenging experience for both parents and children, which becomes more complicated if the family doesn’t speak Portuguese.

By choosing homeschooling, expatriate parents ensure that their children get the required education without the added pressure of learning new concepts in an unfamiliar language.

Homeschooling curriculums in Portugal

The most common homeschooling curriculums parents follow in Portugal are:

Curriculum Level Comparison

British Curriculum
Learn to Read
Primary Stage 1
Primary Stage 2
Primary Stage 3
Primary Stage 4
Primary Stage 5
Primary Stage 6
Foundation 1
Foundation 2
International GCSE
AS Level
A Level
National Curriculum
Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
Grade 6
Grade 7
Grade 8
Grade 9
Grade 10
Grade 11
Grade 12
Post-secondary non-higher education

Homeschooling Cost in Portugal

The cost of homeschooling will depend on the curriculum, platform, student level and the subjects you select. CambriLearn offers an International GCSE aligned curriculum with two pricing options that help parents and students meet their unique needs.

British Curriculum Estimated Cost at CambriLearn


This pricing option provides personalised learning for students who require less teacher intervention than our Premium package.

Annual fees per Level*

Primary Stage 1-6

From $771 per annum
$91 (10 monthly instalments)

Foundation I&II

From $1 303 per annum
$153 (10 monthly instalments)

International GCSE

From $1 847 per annum
$217 (10 monthly instalments)

AS & A Levels

From $1 566 per annum
$185 (10 monthly instalments)

This pricing option provides students with access to the full bouquet of learning features offered by CambriLearn.

Annual fees per Level*

Primary Stage 1-6

From $1 671 per annum
$197 (10 monthly instalments)

Foundation I&II

From $2 538 per annum
$299 (10 monthly instalments)

International GCSE

From $3 760per annum
$443 (10 monthly instalments)

AS & A Levels

From $3 200 per annum
$377 (10 monthly instalments)

*The fees are only for demonstrative purposes and will vary depending on the subject choice. CambriLearn's British Curriculum also offers parents the option to combine different package options per level. For example, if there is a particular subject that you need extra support with, then you can take that subject on Premium and your other subjects on Standard.

You can view a detailed breakdown of the differences between the CambriLearn International British Curriculum Packages here.

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