Is homeschooling legal in Mauritius?

Mauritian law requires that children attend school up to the end of the academic year in which he or she turns 16. Though the law does not specify if your child needs to attend a physical school or an online school, as a Mauritian citizen you would need to confirm if the school is registered with the Ministry of Education.

If you're an expatriate living in Mauritius, you are legally allowed to consider alternative education options. If you decide to permanently settle in Mauritius and send your children to a local private (or government) school, the Ministry of Education will require documentation providing proof of two years of school attendance and a letter of transfer.

How to start homeschooling in Mauritius

Selecting the appropriate curriculum will be the first step in starting your homeschooling journey in Mauritius. Common curriculums chosen by emigrating families are the International British Curriculum (or Cambridge Curriculum) and the K-12 (Kindergarten to Grade 12) curriculum. 

When choosing your homeschooling curriculum, ensure that there are test centres available near you. Also keep the possibility of integrating into a local school in mind, especially when moving older children from one curriculum to another. 

Finally, consider the workload that will be involved with your selected curriculum. The international British curriculum allows parents to focus on what is most important for their child, whilst cutting out excess subjects that only add to the stress of moving abroad.

Curriculum Level Comparison

British Curriculum
Learn to Read
Primary Stage 1
Primary Stage 2
Primary Stage 3
Primary Stage 4
Primary Stage 5
Primary Stage 6
Foundation 1
Foundation 2
International GCSE
AS Level
A Level
National Curriculum
Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
Grade 6
Grade 7
Grade 8
Grade 9
Grade 10
Grade 11
Grade 12
First Year University Equivalent

Homeschooling Cost in Mauritius

The cost of homeschooling will depend on the curriculum, platform, student level and the subjects you select. CambriLearn offers the British curriculum with two pricing options that help parents and students meet their unique needs.

British Curriculum Estimated Cost at CambriLearn


This pricing option provides personalised learning for students who require less teacher intervention than our Premium package.

Annual fees per Level*

Primary Stage 1-6

From $771 per annum
$91 (10 monthly instalments)

Foundation I&II

From $1 303 per annum
$153 (10 monthly instalments)

International GCSE

From $1 847 per annum
$217 (10 monthly instalments)

AS & A Levels

From $1 566 per annum
$185 (10 monthly instalments)

This pricing option provides students with access to the full bouquet of learning features offered by CambriLearn.

Annual fees per Level*

Primary Stage 1-6

From $1 671 per annum
$197 (10 monthly instalments)

Foundation I&II

From $2 538 per annum
$299 (10 monthly instalments)

International GCSE

From $3 760per annum
$443 (10 monthly instalments)

AS & A Levels

From $3 200 per annum
$377 (10 monthly instalments)

*The fees are only for demonstrative purposes and will vary depending on the subject choice. CambriLearn's British Curriculum also offers parents the option to combine different package options per level. For example, if there is a particular subject that you need extra support with, then you can take that subject on Premium and your other subjects on Standard.

You can view a detailed breakdown of the differences between the CambriLearn International British Curriculum Packages here.

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