Is homeschooling legal in India?

Homeschooling is not regulated by law in India, therefore parents can legally homeschool their children. It is important to choose a suitable curriculum that will allow your child to write exams that provide a similar qualification to the local education boards.

How does homeschooling work in India

Though homeschooling provides a flexible framework within which you can educate your child, there are certain aspects that need to be considered before you start.

Choosing a homeschooling curriculum

A curriculum is a planned sequence of instruction that a child will follow to complete their education. You will need to choose a suitable curriculum that will ensure that your child has access to the opportunities that you would want them to pursue. 

For example, a certificate obtained through the International British Curriculum will enable your child to apply to universities across the globe. Subject choice and a career assessment will also be helpful in determining which subjects your child will need to take to pursue a specific career.

Access to resources

When parents undertake homeschooling, they opt to become their child’s teacher on all subject matters. Some parents opt to use an online homeschooling platform that provides access to subject specialists and interactive learning content to alleviate some of the pressure involved with teaching.

However, it is important to remember that as a parent you will still need to be involved with your child’s education. Especially during the lower grades where they will need guidance, encouragement and support. This will mean a time and resource investment as a parent.

Writing exams

Where and how your child will write exams to receive a certificate will depend on the platform and curriculum you’ve chosen, as well as the level your child is completing. When selecting the International British Curriculum, your child will write their exams at one of the Cambridge exam centres available in 130 countries.

Benefits of homeschooling

Homeschooling is a growing education medium for parents in India for the following reasons:

Quality education to encourage academic achievement

Parents often choose homeschooling their children to ensure that they can control the quality of the content and learning. Some curriculums support this goal by focusing on teaching the child understanding, instead of the ability to repeat certain facts.

Suitable option for special needs children

Children with ADHD or children with other special learning needs (for example, children who are on the Autism spectrum) can flourish in the homeschooling environment because they can learn without stigmatization and discover their unique talents.

Talented children

Children that display special talents in music, sports or academics may have unique learning needs and will require a more flexible schedule to accommodate these needs. For example, a child who is gifted in cricket may need more time during their day to allow for their training schedule, whilst an academically gifted child may want to progress to the next course level as soon as they are done with the current one.

Homeschooling curriculums in India

The most popular homeschooling curriculums in India are:

Curriculum Level Comparison

British Curriculum
Learn to Read
Primary Stage 1
Primary Stage 2
Primary Stage 3
Primary Stage 4
Primary Stage 5
Primary Stage 6
Foundation 1
Foundation 2
International GCSE
AS Level
A Level
Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
Grade 6
Grade 7
Grade 8
Grade 9
Grade 10
Grade 11
Grade 12
First Year University Equivalent

Homeschooling Cost in India

The cost of homeschooling will depend on the curriculum, platform, student level and the subjects you select. CambriLearn offers the British curriculum with two pricing options that help parents and students meet their unique needs.

British Curriculum Estimated Cost at CambriLearn


This pricing option provides personalised learning for students who require less teacher intervention than our Premium package.

Annual fees per Level*

Primary Stage 1-6

From $771 per annum
$91 (10 monthly instalments)

Foundation I&II

From $1 303 per annum
$153 (10 monthly instalments)

International GCSE

From $1 847 per annum
$217 (10 monthly instalments)

AS & A Levels

From $1 566 per annum
$185 (10 monthly instalments)

This pricing option provides students with access to the full bouquet of learning features offered by CambriLearn.

Annual fees per Level*

Primary Stage 1-6

From $1 671 per annum
$197 (10 monthly instalments)

Foundation I&II

From $2 538 per annum
$299 (10 monthly instalments)

International GCSE

From $3 760per annum
$443 (10 monthly instalments)

AS & A Levels

From $3 200 per annum
$377 (10 monthly instalments)

*The fees are only for demonstrative purposes and will vary depending on the subject choice. CambriLearn's British Curriculum also offers parents the option to combine different package options per level. For example, if there is a particular subject that you need extra support with, then you can take that subject on Premium and your other subjects on Standard.

You can view a detailed breakdown of the differences between the CambriLearn International British Curriculum Packages here.

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