10 Benefits of Online High School for Teens

Raising a teenager can be a rollercoaster ride of emotions. From their endless appetite and ability to sleep through just about anything, to their unique and sometimes hilarious perspective on the world. There are plenty of quirks and perks to enjoy whilst navigating the journey of parenting a teenager.

In this article, we will discuss some of the benefits of enrolling your teen in an internationally accredited online high school and look at how it can help your teenager thrive during these crucial years.

Building the foundations for adulthood

During their teenage years, children establish the foundations and begin to determine the kind of adults they will become. Teenagers encounter numerous significant life choices, such as deciding on what academic subjects to pursue and choosing a career path that aligns with their abilities and passions.

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Throughout their schooling career, kids are expected to follow rules, such as sitting still or asking permission to use the restroom. However, once they graduate, they are encouraged to be innovative, self-sufficient, and confident in order to succeed. Many parents are starting to question whether traditional schooling practices best prepare teenagers for their adult years. 

Benefits of online high school for teens

1. Self-paced learning 

Online schooling allows students to complete coursework at their own pace and on their own schedule. Students can set the tempo of their learning, meaning they can speed up or slow down depending on what they can manage at the time.

This can be especially beneficial for teens who have busy schedules. It is also better suited for students who may struggle to keep up with the pace of large classes or for academically gifted learners as they may become bored within a traditional classroom. 

2. International accredited education

Whether your teen is enrolled in the International British or CAPS curriculum, the qualification that they receive upon completion of the final schooling year will be equivalent to that of a traditional public or private school. 

A child who graduates from an online school is able to attend a university in the field of their choice. Parents should ensure that the child’s subject choices are aligned with their potential tertiary study and career pathways, just as they would if the child was in a traditional school. 

3. Less peer pressure and social anxiety

Even though studying in a school develops peer groups, at the same time, it can give birth to unnecessary negative competition and do more social damage than good. The race for grades and popularity can develop a negative attitude toward learning and the immense pressure to perform can affect students’ mental health and social values. 

Online schooling eliminates this kind of intense negative pressure and lets children focus on learning and understanding the content rather than just getting good grades and being liked. 

Teens who are homeschooled have a much lower chance of being bullied, offered drugs or exposed to other social pressures, and are therefore much less likely to experience symptoms of depression and anxiety. Some research suggests that homeschooled children tend to become happier and more emotionally mature adults.

4. Hybrid learning

Teens who enrol with an online school can also attend a learning pod or homeschooling hub. In a hybrid learning environment, teens have the freedom to learn at their own pace, but with the added support of an in-person tutor and the opportunity to study with a small group of peers. 

5. Affordability

Online schools often have lower tuition costs than traditional private schools. Many online schools like CambriLearn offer different packages to suit your child’s individual learning needs – and your pocket. 

CambriLearn offers Standard or Premium subject options that involve different levels of teacher support and live lessons. The great benefit of these package options means that students can mix and match according to their needs. If there is a particular subject that your child needs extra support with, then they can take that particular subject on Premium and their other subjects on Standard.

6. No unnecessary homework

Many parents will agree that they find it difficult to find new ways to motivate their teens to do homework - especially after a busy school day. At CambriLearn we don’t believe in homework (but we do encourage our learners to spend some of their free time doing revision work like reading and practising math). 

This allows the child more time to explore hobbies and other activities. It also frees up parents from having to do lengthy evening homework sessions and it means that they can spend more quality time with their kids.

7. Independence and improved accountability

Online schooling can help students develop independence and self-motivation by giving them more control over their own learning process. 

In a traditional classroom setting, students are often told what to do and when to do it, and they may not have much choice in how they learn the material. In an online setting, students have more flexibility and autonomy to decide when and how they will complete their coursework. This can help them develop self-direction and self-motivation as they take responsibility for their own learning.

Additionally, online schooling can teach students to be more resourceful and self-motivated as they take charge of their own learning experience.

8. Exposure to diverse cultures 

Online schooling can connect students from across the globe. This gives kids the opportunity to engage with peers from different cultural and geographic backgrounds, providing an opportunity for teens to learn from and engage with diverse perspectives.

This will serve them into their adult lives as they learn to interact and form personal and professional relationships with people from different cultures. 

9. Smaller classes

Online schools tend to have smaller class sizes, leading to more individualised teacher support and peer interactions. 

Many homeschooling parents have witnessed that this personalised approach enables their child to form a closer relationship with their online teacher. In a smaller class, it is also easier for students to ask questions and participate in discussions, which can lead to a deeper understanding of the material. 

10. Future-ready education

As technology continues to play a significant role in the world, online education can help students acquire the skills necessary to thrive in a digital age. Online schooling also offers a range of subjects, including robotics and social-emotional learning, which can provide students with valuable skills that will serve them throughout their lives and prepare them for the future.

Online schoolers have a head start on building critical career skills, such as time management, self-motivation and self-discipline. By allowing a child to have this freedom in their learning, they tend to adjust better to a tertiary learning environment.

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10 Benefits of Online High School for Teens

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10 Benefits of Online High School for Teens

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