Indoor Kids Activities in Durban

As a parent, it can sometimes be challenging to find child-friendly locations and activities that are both fun and educational. This problem becomes even more challenging when the weather turns cold and rainy. Luckily, we have researched a bunch of indoor kids activities in Durban, that will keep your children entertained. 

Why Introducing Kids to New Activities is Important 

While homeschooling provides freedom of learning, convenience, access to a high level of education, and a host of other benefits; one of the areas that parents need to put more effort into is providing their children with socialisation opportunities

Developing social skills and making friends is an important part of flourishing into a well-balanced adult. However, one should not underestimate the importance of play in child education

By taking your child out, and allowing them to explore and interact with new environments and children their own age, they will receive the exposure they require to stimulate growth and development in a variety of areas.

However, the big question is; where do you go and what do you do? This is why we have compiled a list of indoor activities in the Durban area. 

Things to Do in Durban with Kids 

Just because it’s rainy and cold, doesn't mean you have to stay cooped up at home all day. While some quality time watching movies and cooking as a family can be heartwarming and fun, it can be good to throw in some indoor activities every now and then to mix things up a little. 

Natural Science Museum

If you want to combine fun and education, then the Natural Science Museum in Durban is the perfect outing for your family. Here, you will find multiple exhibits centred around conservation, ecology, and biodiversity. Your children will love this learning experience as they can explore life-size representations of the natural world. 

The museum is free to enter and is open Monday - Saturday. You can easily find them on Google Maps by clicking here

Port Natal Maritime Museum

Durban is a city with a rich history rooted in the seafaring tradition. This museum is fun, interesting and entertaining. Your children will not only love observing the exhibits, but they will also have a chance to learn about their city’s rich culture. There are even three ships that children can play on and explore. 

The museum is open Monday through Sunday and can easily be found on Google Maps by clicking here

Ice Skating

If you are looking for a fun-filled activity that the entire family can join in on while getting in a bit of exercise, then the ice rink is the place to be! Teaching your kids how to ice skate can be a beautiful bonding experience, and can even expose them to a new sport. From ice hockey to figure skating, your child could find a new hobby where they can make friends and forge long-lasting bonds. 

You can find out more about the Galleria Ice Rink here

Umgeni Steam Railway

Who doesn't love a steam-powered train?

Now that steam trains aren't part of daily life, a steam train ride can be a magical experience for children. On this trip, your children will learn more about other forms of transport and see other parts of our beautiful country, as the train passes through the Valley of 1000 Hills. One is then dropped off at Inchanga station where you can spend time browsing the market and even have a picnic! 

You can find out more about this experience here

The Escape Room in Umhlanga

What is more thrilling than an escape room? 

Escape rooms are not only fun, but they also encourage you to think differently in order to solve the puzzle. This activity is definitely suited to an entire family and will keep your children thoroughly enthralled. You will have 60 minutes to escape after being locked in and there are multiple scenarios to choose from. It should be noted that most of the escape rooms have been designed for ages 13 and up. 

You can find out more about his excursion on their website


If you want a fun-filled activity that will keep your kids entertained for the entire day, then Funtubbles is the place to be. Here, you will find games, rides, and anything else a child needs to be completely entertained. They even have an XD theatre if you are curious about a 4D movie experience. 

You can find out more about Funtubbles here

The Pottery

For the artsy child, the perfect excursion is located at The Pottery. This one-of-a-kind creative venue allows you to pick out a ceramic product that you can paint and decorate as you wish. While you paint and explore your creativity, you can order a bite to eat off of their nutritious menu. Once finished, you will receive your chosen ceramic and be able to remember the fun-filled day for years to come. 

You can find out more about The Pottery experience here


If you want to get your kids moving, then Bounce is the perfect location to do so. At Bounce, children can jump on trampolines to their heart's content. They will also have the opportunity to play with other children and make some friends along the way! We are sure your child will have a good night of rest after a visit to this trampoline park. 

You can find out more about Bounce on their website

Connecting with Other Homeschooling Families

All of the activities mentioned in this article are either perfect for meeting and making new friends, or can be the perfect destination for a playdate

If you are struggling to connect with other homeschooling families then you can join some local homeschooling Facebook Groups to make contact. Making these connections are beneficial as the children will have homeschooling in common and will be able to connect based on their similar experiences. 

The most popular homeschooling group in the Durban area is the  KwaZulu-Natal Homeschooling Association. You can find the Facebook Group here

The CambriLearn Facebook Group is also a fantastic place to find and connect with other homeschooling families. You can join our Facebook Group here

Now that you have all the information you need concerning indoor kids activities in Durban, you are well on your way to having fun experiences on the days when the beach is not an option. 

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Indoor Kids Activities in Durban

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Indoor Kids Activities in Durban

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