Indoor Activities for Kids in Cape Town

While there are a plethora of outdoor activities in Cape Town that will keep your child busy and excited during the summer months, this beautiful city can be rainy and cold in the winter months. Luckily, there are also a few indoor activities for kids in Cape Town that you can enjoy as a family. 

Why It’s Important to Get Kids Out of the House

In the past, we have covered why online schooling and homeschooling are fantastic schooling options for children. However, one of the concerns and possible drawbacks is the lack of constant socialisation with peers. 

Luckily, there are ways to work around this. One of the best approaches to ensuring your child grows up to be well-rounded with good communication and social skills, is to take them to places where their peers are present.  

Therefore, it is important to consciously create opportunities for connection and exploration for your children. Not only will your children be able to leave the home and experience other environments, but they will also have a chance to connect with peers and make friends

Getting your children involved with activities will also help combat the struggle of boredom often experienced in the home environment over the weekend. Especially after a week of studying at home. 

So, without further ado, let us jump into all of the indoor activities for children in Cape Town. 

Iziko Planetarium

What is more captivating than the stars? 

At the Iziko Planetarium, your children will not only be able to see the wonders of the universe, but it will also be an educational experience. After its recent make-over, the Planetarium sports a digital dome, making it one of the most advanced planetariums on the continent. Your children will also be able to enjoy a state-of-the-art and captivating virtual voyage made possible with a 360-degree screen.

Visit the Iziko Planetarium website to find out more. 

Two Oceans Aquarium

While everyone knows about the aquarium and you have likely already been there, we cannot leave this underwater experience off of our list. There is always something new to learn and see at the aquarium and it is a lovely trip for the entire family at any time of the year. If you want, children 10 and older can even learn how to scuba dive. 

You can explore all they have to offer here

Total Ninja

If your child is obsessed with being a ninja, then Total Ninja is the place to be. Here, kids can climb, swing, jump, and test their physical abilities. The best part is, it is an indoor facility which means you can get them moving in bad weather! Parents can also enjoy a full view of their little ninjas from the cafe. 

You can find all they have to offer on their website

Be.Up Park

If your child is a natural climber, then you can satiate their craving at Be.Up Park. Here, children can choose between 11 clip-n-climb walls, with the highest one reaching 8 metres! They can also enjoy an array of trampoline areas and explore a maze. This is truly a wonderful playground for those little ones that never seem to stop moving. 

If you are curious about their facilities you can find more information here

Rainbow Puppet Theatre 

What is more heartwarming than a puppet show? 

The Rainbow Puppet Theatre is the only dedicated puppet theatre in South Africa and has been entertaining children since 1992. The theatre was built by a Danish wood crafter and all of the puppets are handmade by puppeteers, making them a true masterpiece to behold. Paired with the magical stories told on stage, your child will be entranced. 

You can find out more about this beautiful theatre by visiting their Facebook page

Clay Cafe

Now here is something that parents and children can enjoy together! At the Clay Cafe, you can choose your piece of pottery and paint away. Once you have painted your design onto a mug, bowl, or plate they will fire the item in the clay oven. While your item is being finished up in the oven, you can enjoy a bite to eat or a refreshment. The best part is, you will have a momento of the day to cherish forever. 

Find out more about the Clay Cafe here

Skating at the Ice Station

Ice skating is probably one of the most fun-filled experiences one can have and yes, there is an ice skating rink in Cape Town. A true winter wonderland, Grand West is an Olympic-sized ice skating rink. Who knows, perhaps your child finds a true love for ice skating and it becomes a hobby. 

You can visit their website to find out more about the facilities and times.

Glowing Rooms

While minigolf has been done a thousand times, minigolf on an indoor, 3D glow-in-the-dark course is definitely something new. Glowing Rooms has created a wonderland of interesting wall art that can be enjoyed in the dark once you put on your 3D glasses. They have truly spiced up minigolf and have made it an exciting and adventure-filled activity. 

You can find out more about how it works here

Steam Train to Railway Market

There is nothing more whimsical than taking a steam train trip with your family to a destination that is a steam-punk-themed market. On your trip, you will experience breathtaking views with your children and be transported to another time.  

You can find out more about this magical train ride here.


If you feel like including a little education on your next excursion, then Wonderdal is the place to go. This state-of-the-art edutainment centre has blended education, creative design, and technology to create a truly entertaining learning experience. Here, children will be able to explore science, nature, and nutrition in a fun and exciting manner. 

Find out more about this world-class centre by visiting their website

Finding Friends in the Homeschooling Community

If you want, you can also meet up with other homeschooling parents in your area and set up a play date of sorts. When a playdate is planned it can make it easier for your child to connect with other children their age and make friends. One of the ways in which you can do this is by joining an online homeschooling support group. Some of the groups for the Cape Town area include: 

  • Table View Moms - View their Facebook Group here
  • C.T Northern Suburbs Home Educators - View their Facebook Group here
  • Tygerberg Homeschoolers - View their Facebook Group here

Alternatively, you can join the CambriLearn Facebook Group and ask if there are any parents in your area that would be willing to connect. You can join the group by clicking here

Now that you know about all of the indoor activities for kids in Cape Town and you know how to contact other homeschooling parents in the area, you will never be left wondering how to spend a weekend again!

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Indoor Activities for Kids in Cape Town

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Indoor Activities for Kids in Cape Town

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