Benefits of a Student Tracker

Online schooling has revolutionised the way we approach education and has brought many benefits to the table. One of the major advantages of online schooling is being able to monitor a student’s progress via an online student tracker. 

CambriLearn's interactive student tracker is one of the best in the market. It allows parents, tutors and students the opportunity to track a learner’s academic progress through an easy-to-use dashboard, enabling them to support the child in their education journey. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the key features of CambriLearn’s student tracker and highlight some benefits of being able to track a student’s progress via an online student tracker. 

Student Tracker Features

The parent, educator and student dashboards provided by CambriLearn are one of the most powerful features of the platform. The dashboard links to the student's account and provides insights to help identify potential areas of concern and ensure that the child is on track with their course timeline, to ensure they don't fall behind in their learning. 

When signing up with CambriLearn, parents, tutors and students get access to an interactive student tracker which provides valuable insights into the learner’s progress including:

  • The subjects that the learner is signed up for, when they signed up and when their subscription ends.
  • The student’s course progress is displayed as a percentage of work completed, it also shows what their course average is and what their results are for the work that has been submitted.
  • The tracker displays the students’ activity throughout the month. This includes how many times the learner logged in to their profile, how many lessons the learner completed, the number of group sessions attended and the number of chats with their teachers.
  • The dashboard gives users easy access to record and track the learner’s assignments and test scores. 

Benefits of a student tracker

The student tracker can provide a variety of data on each student, such as overall performance, areas of strength and weakness and engagement levels. This data can be used to improve the student’s learning experience by providing teachers and administrators with the information they need to create personalised learning plans, identify areas where students need additional support and improve communication with parents and guardians. 

Additional benefits of the student tracker include: 

  • Automation of administrative tasks: The student tracker lessens the load on parents and teachers as it takes care of administrative tasks such as keeping records of student progress and performance, which can save time and reduce the chance of errors. 
  • Improved visibility: It is a valuable tool as it allows teachers and administrators to stay informed about student progress, identify areas where students may need additional support and ensure that the students are engaged and active in the learning process.
  • Better communication: Teachers can easily share progress updates with parents or guardians, and students can see their own progress and areas where they need to improve. Parents are also able to request a student report card directly through the parent dashboard. 
  • Increased accountability: Students are more likely to stay on track and complete their work when they can see their progress and areas where they need to improve.
  • Personalised learning: Teachers and parents can use the data from the student tracker to create personalised learning plans that target specific areas of need for each student.
  • Better engagement: The visibility and ability to track student engagement levels, leads to increased student platform engagement. Teachers and educators can also ensure that students actively participate in their learning and make adjustments as necessary.
  • Improved time management: Teachers and tutors can use student tracking data to manage their time more effectively by identifying which students need more attention and when.

CambriLearn's interactive student tracker dashboard is a valuable tool for parents, tutors, and students to track and monitor academic progress. The dashboard provides valuable insights into the learner's performance, including subjects enrolled in, course progress and activity throughout the year. 

The student tracker not only saves time and reduces the chance of errors in administrative tasks, but it also improves visibility, communication, accountability, personalised learning, engagement and time management. Student trackers are valuable learning tools and can greatly aid in supporting a child's education journey.

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Benefits of a Student Tracker

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Benefits of a Student Tracker

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