Alternative schooling options when moving abroad

For many families, moving abroad comes with its fair share of decisions, research and stress. From schooling options to healthcare, language to the cost of living, there are many questions that one needs to consider when deciding to emigrate. If you have children then one of the most important decisions that you will make is which school they will attend in your new country. In this article, we will explore some alternative schooling and education options to consider when moving abroad.  

Nomadic families  

Whilst many countries offer great public and private schooling options, sometimes these may not be suitable for your unique needs due to your personal circumstance or schedule. If you are a nomadic family who moves often due to work commitments or personal choices then you may want to consider a schooling option that allows you to move freely between different countries without needing to change education providers each time.  

Language barriers  

You may be faced with a language barrier in your new country and might opt to enrol your child in a school that can cater to your home language. Many expat families want to ensure that their children continue their education in their first language, for example in English, to ensure minimal disruptions to their education and progression.  

International private schools  

Whilst you may find a suitable international private school to accommodate your language preference, these schools often come with a hefty price tag and many parents find it difficult to justify or afford the exorbitant costs associated with enrolling their child in a foreign private school.  

For these reasons, and more, many families consider alternative schooling solutions when moving abroad including online schooling, homeschooling or studying through a tutor. We will now look at each of these options in more detail and weigh up which option is better suited to your unique family and schooling needs.  

Online schooling  

Online schooling involves enrolling in an online learning platform, like CambriLearn, to assist with ensuring that your child receives an internationally accredited education. Online schooling gives you the freedom and flexibility to study at your own pace, from anywhere in the world!  

There are a variety of online schooling platforms to consider, however parents need to ensure that their schooling provider is internationally accredited and has experience in providing online education. CambriLearn has over a decade of experience, is accredited by COGNIA and has been tried and tested by more than 3.5 million students worldwide.  

An online schooling platform will provide you with interactive learning content, live and recorded lessons, direct chat with teachers, chat forums and marked assignments. Many families opt for this style of schooling as it allows the child the opportunity to learn at their own pace in an environment that feels comfortable to them. An online schooling solution can be administered in a home environment (commonly referred to as homeschooling) or through the assistance of a local tutor.  


Homeschooling refers to a child learning in a home environment. In this case, the parent is considered the teacher and is responsible for meeting all legal education requirements. If a parent or guardian chooses to homeschool without the use of an online schooling platform, then they are in charge of designing lessons and keeping track of the student’s progress. The term online homeschooling can be used to describe a child who homeschools through an online learning platform.  

Take a look at this article that better explains some of the fundamental differences between online schooling and homeschooling.  

Studying through a tutor  

Another option for parents who are considering alternative education options abroad is to find a local tutor. This is a great solution if you work full-time or are not able to be the sole administrator of your child’s education.  

CambriLearn has partnered with more than 600 tutors around the world to ensure that our students have access to ongoing student support and have the opportunity to study alongside a group of peers through a learning pod or hybrid schooling environment. Here are some examples of CambriLearn learning pods available in Mauritius and Kenya.  

Whether you choose to online homeschool or study through a learning pod, the most important thing is to choose a learning environment that best suits your unique child and their unique needs. Take a look at this short FREE online quiz to help you identify which alternative schooling solution is best suited to your unique child.  

If you have questions on which alternative schooling solution is best suited to your unique family or if you want to connect with other alternative schoolers around the world, then please join our international homeschooling Facebook community group.

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Alternative schooling options when moving abroad

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Alternative schooling options when moving abroad

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