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Grade R


The Grade R syllabus encompasses Language, Mathematics, and Life Orientation. Its purpose is to equip children for both the CAPS and International British Curriculum. Each subject follows a well-structured lesson plan prepared by expert teachers. Students can attend live online classes and access a comprehensive library of recorded lessons, helpful for addressing any challenges they may encounter in specific topics. 

Grade R Subjects

At this level, Grade R students are introduced to Language, Mathematics, and Life Orientation through integrated play-based activities, ensuring that they have fun while learning.

Grade R Mathematics

The CambriLearn Grade R Mathematics course builds knowledge related to numbers, patterns, shapes, measurement, and graphs, while also fostering essential everyday skills like estimation, accuracy, and problem-solving.

This course aims to lead and assist students in acquiring and showcasing crucial knowledge and skills pertaining to these three topics. It serves as the bedrock for their future mathematical journey.

Within the CambriLearn Grade R Mathematics course, there are fun and engaging, lessons and activities designed to enhance the following skills in the mathematics curriculum:

  • Numbers, operations, and relationships
  • Patterns and functions
  • Shape and space
  • Measurement
  • Data handling

Grade R Life Orientation

Life orientation plays a pivotal role in nurturing the overall development of students, encompassing their social, personal, intellectual, emotional, and physical growth, while emphasising the integration of these aspects into daily practices. 

This subject's primary objective is to guide and equip students for life's challenges and opportunities, empowering them to lead meaningful and successful lives in a dynamically changing society.

The CambriLearn Life Orientation course exposes students to a diverse range of knowledge, skills, and values that foster their holistic growth and wellbeing.

Grade R Language

The CambriLearn Grade R Language course focuses on essential language skills, emphasising listening, speaking, and reading. Students beginning their reading and writing journey learn sound blending, decoding unfamiliar words by breaking them down into sounds, and reading simple stories. 

This comprehensive approach enhances listening comprehension, communication, and reading abilities, fostering a strong foundation for literacy development. Through carefully designed activities and gradual progression, students gain valuable skills to confidently express themselves and engage with written language. This approach cultivates a lifelong passion for communication and literacy.

Grade R

Specific Outcomes

Grade R courses end with a progression test. A successful pass will enable the student to progress to the next grade.

Grade R

school fees

CambriLearn offers three customisable packages to meet the individual student's needs. You can view the package comparison and estimated cost breakdown for our CAPS Curriculum offering here.

CambriLearn offers two customisable packages to meet the individual student's needs. You can view the package comparison and estimated cost breakdown for our British Curriculum offering here.

Parents can combine the Standard and Premium packages by selecting the needed support for a specific subject.

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Grade R

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Grade R


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