Register for the 2023 Olympiads through CambriLearn Online School and you can receive National recognition for your understanding of Mathematics or English.

What are the Olympiads?

The South African Olympiads is a national competition where the brightest young minds participate in a grade appropriate exam in either Mathematics or English. Last year, 20 000 students participated in the Olympiads in a bid to become one for the top 3 learners in the country. 

Winners receive a medal and a cash prize in recognition of their achievement. 

Who can enter?

Any student can enter the Olympiads which have 2 exams, each set for a specific grade level:

How and when will I write

CambriLearn will register you to write online, at home under invigilation rules (similar to the rules followed when you complete CambriLearn Assignments and Exams). Invigilators will receive the papers between 4-7 days before the student needs to write. 

The Mathematics Exam is written in the first week of September and the English Exam is written in the second week of September. The exact dates will be confirmed by the organisers in advance. 

What are the costs?

It will cost R35 per exam you want to enter. 

CambriLearn will contact parents directly to confirm the payment method. 

How do I prepare?

Students are encouraged to have a solid understanding of the syllabus covered in their grade. Students can visit the SA Olympiads website where there are a number of past papers which have been made available to practice. 

When is the entry cut off date?

Students are required to register by the 15th of June 2023, to ensure the timely submission of their entries to the SA Olympiads. 

Register your interest

Please complete this form to register your interest in participating in the South African Olympiads. 

CambriLearn will contact parents and students with more information and the next steps as soon as we’ve received enough entries to participate as a school for a grade level. 

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