College and University Admissions When Attending an Alternative School

Public schools have become a topic of debate in many countries. Depending on where you live, the school in your area might not be up to your standards, or perhaps you are not quite happy with the National curriculum offered in your country. Whatever the reason may be, this has led to many parents considering whether an alternative school might be a better option for their child’s education. 

In this article, we will explore all that alternative schools have to offer and discuss whether or not alternative schools allow for college and university acceptance. 

What Are Alternative High Schools?

Simply put, an alternative school is a school that offers a different educational experience to that offered by traditional public and private schools. These schools have often been founded and designed to cater to students who do not fit into the traditional educational mould. 

This does not mean that the level of education provided by alternative schools is lesser than that provided by traditional schools. In fact, the level of education provided by these schools is often of a higher standard. 

There are more options that cater to a learner’s specific needs in an alternative school, and depending on what your child requires, there will be a schooling option that suits them perfectly. When you find the right fit, your child will be able to flourish and achieve more than they would in a traditional school. 

Who Typically Attends Alternative High Schools?

There are various types of students that choose to attend alternative schools and thrive in these environments. While the types of students and their needs vary, they are often able to receive what they require in these educational settings. 

Gifted Children

Children who are gifted will often understand concepts far above their age and grade level. They, therefore, have the ability to work through the course material more efficiently and can even graduate from school earlier than typically expected

While this is a true gift, it can be challenging for these children when they are in a traditional school setting. This is because traditional schools often do not allow these children to work ahead. This can lead to the student experiencing boredom, and can even result in the development of behavioural issues due to the lack of stimulation. 

An alternative school will often have the flexibility for these children to move ahead more quickly than their peers. This will offer them the freedom to thrive at their own pace and remain interested in the course work. 

Special Needs Children

Special needs children such as those who suffer from mental, physical, or psychological abnormalities, often struggle in a traditional schooling setting. Whether it be that they physically struggle to travel from one class to another or feel overwhelmed by large groups of people, they can experience more challenges than necessary on their educational journey. 

An alternative school will be able to provide the support that these students require to flourish. Whether it be extra support in understanding certain concepts, or an option where these students can work from home, alternative schools will be able to create a positive learning environment for these children. 

Children with Special Medical Needs

There are many reasons why a child might require certain special medical needs. These children will often have many doctor’s appointments to attend, which could result in them missing school. In a traditional school, this cannot easily be catered to, and a child will subsequently fall behind and struggle to catch up on their school work. 

However, an alternative school will allow these students to attend all of their medical appointments and keep up with their school work. This is due to the flexibility offered by alternative schools like online schools. Children will be able to complete their school work according to their own schedule while still receiving assistance from teachers. 

Children Who Experience Other Challenges

There are children who have experienced behavioural issues or simply do not fit into the mould that has been created by traditional schools. These children are not lost, they simply require an option that is better suited to their personality and that will assist them on their educational journey. 

For these individuals, an alternative school offers a different approach to education where they do not feel boxed in. While they will still have the flexibility to learn in a way that is suitable to them, these students will still receive the encouragement and structure they require to stay on track. 

Children Who Live Remotely

While we like to think that there are schooling options available to all children in all areas, this is not always the case. In some cases, the schools close enough to them do not have space and in other cases, the nearest school is still too far for them to travel to. 

In these cases, alternative schools offer a fantastic option. Children will be able to complete their studies at home and will still receive a fantastic education. 

Children Seeking Flexibility

For some children, they already know what they want to do with their lives. Perhaps they want to work toward becoming a professional surfer, or gymnast. In other cases, your family might be a nomadic one, travelling from country to country or city to city for work opportunities. 

Alternative schooling provides the freedom and flexibility for these students to pursue their dreams while receiving a good education that will still allow them to attend university should their goals shift. 

For travelling families, all that is required is a stable internet connection and a device on which a student can complete their courses. 

Therefore, there is an alternative schooling solution for each unique situation. 

How Do Alternative High Schools Work?

Each alternative school works differently. However, at CambriLearn we offer the International British curriculum. Each course will allow for the students to attend Live Lessons that are held online. They will also be able to attend a live Q&A session, where they can ask questions in a free-flowing manner to receive more clarity on a concept. 

If students happen to miss a Live Lesson they will be able to access it at a later stage in an on-demand video library. They will be able to work through their course content at their own pace.

Assignments and mock exams are submitted on the CambriLearn platform and students will receive personalised feedback so that they may understand where improvement is required. 

Students are also able to contact teachers should they have any questions pertaining to the course material, ensuring that they are always supported on their educational journey. 

Successful Alternative High School Programmes

There are a few aspects to consider when searching for an alternative high school for your child. Firstly, there should be sufficient support for your child. Whether that support comes in the form of structured lessons, the flexibility to complete the work at their own pace and on their own schedule, or simply for there to be teachers available to answer questions. 

The alternative school you choose should also provide a good education curriculum. The curriculum you choose should be accepted by universities in your own country as well as internationally. This will ensure that your child is provided with the opportunity to pursue their desired study path and career

What Does Alternative School Mean for University Acceptance

An alternative school will allow your child to apply and be accepted into colleges and universities as long as they are certified and offer a well-recognised educational curriculum. 

When applying to university, the student should ensure that they have taken the correct subjects that their desired course requires in order to receive entrance. They should also obtain a grade high enough and that is required by a university or specific field of study. 

CambriLearn is an online school that is Cognia accredited. This means that students graduating from our school would have had the highest quality education, provided by passionate and knowledgeable teachers to give them the best chance possible to succeed. 

CambriLearn offers the International British curriculum, which is also a highly regarded educational curriculum and is accepted by universities around the world. You can find out more about all that CambriLearn has to offer by clicking here

In conclusion, the right alternative school can offer your child the opportunity to flourish and pursue their dreams. 

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College and University Admissions When Attending an Alternative School

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College and University Admissions When Attending an Alternative School

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