Transitioning to an online British Education

For centuries schooling has typically taken place in a brick-and-mortar classroom. The decision on where and how to school a child was typically not based on whether a school offered a Cambridge, British or CAPS curriculum or on the child's preferred style of learning but rather on the child’s geographical location, family traditions and affordability.  

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit many families were catapulted into an online education environment. Whilst some parents counted down the algebra-filled days to return to ‘normalcy’, many others discovered that their children thrived as they transitioned into a more personalised and self-paced online education.  

Future-ready education

Enrolling your child in an international British curriculum allows them the freedom and flexibility to study at their own pace in a way that is relevant to them. This practical hands-on approach to learning encourages student self-motivation and helps instil a love for learning – throughout their schooling career.  

Parents need to consider how and what their kids are being taught in the classroom and whether their current school is harnessing their unique talents and adequately preparing them with the necessary skills and coping mechanisms for an unpredictable future.  

Benefits of online schooling

There are many benefits to enrolling your child in an online schooling curriculum, like the CambriLearn International British curriculum.  

Some of these benefits include;

  • Flexible school year: The CambriLearn international British curriculum allows you to start any time of year. This means that you don’t have to run according to a traditional school year with fixed quarterly terms. With CambriLearn, the school year starts on the day you enrol. The syllabus is between 30 and 34 weeks and students are given a full year to complete the coursework. This means that parents can customise their child’s schedule to suit their needs (including when to finally go on that holiday).  
  • Self-paced and personalised: The flexibility to work according to their own schedule allows children the opportunity to learn at their own pace. Students can set the tempo of their learning, meaning they can speed up or slow down depending on what they can manage at the time.  

  • International accreditation: CambriLearn is a Cognia-accredited international school which means that our education is accepted and recognised at schools and universities around the world. Whilst most learners see first-hand the benefits that this style of learning provides, some parents may have initial concerns that it is difficult to return to mainstream schooling (in the unlikely event that they wish to do so). Through consistent student tracking and appropriate report cards, enrolling in the CambriLearn British curriculum allows seamless reintegration into mainstream school.  

Which curriculum is right for your child

One of the most important decisions that parents face when transitioning their child to online education is which curriculum is right for their unique child. There are many online schooling curriculums to choose from, depending on what country you live in and where you would like your child’s curriculum to be accredited.  

For example, the national curriculum in most public schools in South Africa is the CAPS curriculum, however, South African learners also have the option of enrolling in an international British or Cambridge curriculum.  

Just because you live in a certain country, does not mean that you need to follow the nationally set curriculum. This is another major benefit of online schooling; it allows parents the freedom to choose a curriculum that works for their child’s unique learning needs.  

How to choose the right curriculum for your child

The best way to pick the right homeschooling curriculum for your child is to first identify your child’s strengths and areas for improvement to better understand which curriculum will assist in providing an optimal learning zone™ to harness their unique abilities.

We've created a free online quiz to assist parents as they weigh up which curriculum is best suited to their child’s unique educational and circumstantial needs.  

Take this one-minute quiz to learn which curriculum works best for your child.

Get advice from an education professional

No matter how much research you do, the decision on where and how to educate your child is never an easy one to make. As parents, we can be left with paralysing guilt and self-doubt as we weigh up different education environments and schooling alternatives.  

A great option for parents who are looking for more information on online schooling and curricula is to book a free, no-obligation consultation from an Expert Education Specialist who can help give valuable advice and insights based on your unique child, circumstance and affordability.  

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Transitioning to an online British Education

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Transitioning to an online British Education

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