How to study when attending an online school

Here are some handy tips and tricks to help you make a success of your online school studies.

Plan your schedule

After reviewing your course requirements, determine how much time you need to set aside for homework and studies for each class. Plan your day accordingly. Make sure you make adjustments as necessary throughout the school year.

Hang a calendar on the wall of your study space and fill it out once you get the syllabus. Alternatively, use an online calendar and set alerts. Organising your schedule will not only facilitate your studies but will also help you set aside time for the other elements of your life.

Getting into a routine will increase the chances that you’ll stay on top of what you need to be doing, rather than letting deadlines sneak up on you. Include blocks of time for regular study and reading, as well as extra time to prepare for tests and complete projects.

Take breaks

Oftentimes, in your rush to finish everything, you forget to take much-needed breaks. Too much studying makes you feel tired easily and may prevent you from processing information properly. Getting outside for a short run or walk, or simply stepping away from your study area to smell the roses, so to speak, can refresh your mind and help you learn more effectively.

Set up a study area

It can be tempting to be a little too relaxed about creating a dedicated workspace for your schoolwork but it is important to take the time to clear out an area that’s designated as a study space. Keep it free from clutter and distractions and talk to family members about the need for quiet time while you’re studying or attending class.

If your space is limited or you can’t create a dedicated study space, store your school materials in a rolling cart, backpack, or something else which is easily transportable. Whenever it’s time to study, you will have everything you need already organised for a smooth transition. If you frequently find yourself needing to study or attend class away from home, make sure to keep your phone or computer charger with you so that you can remain connected.

Take notes

Take notes during your live lessons in the same way that you would while listening to your teachers in a traditional classroom, write down notes and highlight important points to use for revision later.

While having all the classwork online can be helpful for revision, you should still take notes. After all, the main value in taking notes is not to produce an archive of the material. The real benefit of taking notes is that it helps you engage with the material and put it in your own words. This boosts both your comprehension and retention.

Reach out to your teachers

As soon as you receive the contact information for your teachers, introduce yourself, as this will help you feel comfortable reaching out to them throughout the school year with any questions or concerns you may have. One of the keys to succeeding in online school is having good relationships with your teachers. Do not hesitate to raise questions about the classwork or any other academic concerns.

CambriLearn Premium students have access to a direct chat with their teachers and are able to attend informative Q&A sessions. 

Engage with other students

Think about how often you talk to your family and friends — whether in person or through texting, calling or WhatsApp. With online school, you still have the opportunity to connect with other students in your online classes. You’re all in this together — help each other stay accountable through developing study groups and having one-on-one conversations.

Study groups can be an effective way of keeping yourself on track and if you need help from the teacher, don’t hesitate to ask. Part of staying organised – especially with online learning – is being proactive and reaching out before you run into trouble.

Create a group chat with your online classmates to discuss lessons, share your reactions, review notes and study tips and so much more.

Celebrate small wins

Celebrating small wins can help you stay motivated. Reward yourself after completing a task, especially one that really took a lot of time and effort to complete. This will encourage and motivate you to keep going.

Getting organised and putting systems in place can make it easier to be successful in online classes. Hopefully, these tips will help to set you on the path to success!  

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Download Your Free Printable Homeschool Planner

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How to study when attending an online school

Everything you need to know about setting up your homeschooling schedule with a free printable PDF planner.