How homeschooling gave this family the flexibility that traditional school could not

Meet Tamryn Hansen, a CambriLearn 2021 parent. In August 2020, Tamryn and her husband made the difficult decision to withdraw their two teenage children from traditional school. It was a stressful time for the family. Were they being impulsive? How could they trust that this was the best choice for their two children?

“It was extremely nerve-racking for my husband and me. But our decision was based on giving our children an international matric. This offers so many opportunities for them overseas and the requirements are a lot higher than that of IEB. After hearing how many doors a Cambridge matric opens, we were convinced that this was the right decision for our children.”

CambriLearn education consultant Christal Pansegrouw sat down with the Hansen family and carefully guided them through registering for the courses that would best suit Tamryn’s two children. And the family couldn’t be happier.

“Our consultant Christal Pansegrouw, has been outstanding. The support we have received from Cambrilearn has been phenomenal. There is still order in our day. The children are in a strict routine in the mornings and enjoy going to the gym in the afternoons. I hope my experience will help other students and parents when making their decision. It's a decision I don't regret for one minute. I know I have the support from the Cambrilearn team whenever I am in need. It's the best matric you can ever give to your children.”

If Tamryn’s story teaches us anything, it’s that there is no single solution for schooling. If you’re looking for educational support that fits into your life, and not the other way around, you can get the support you need from the world leader in online homeschooling for students of all ages.

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