How English Tutors Can Help You Improve Your Grades

Achieving good grades is something students all over the world strive for, and English tends to be one of those subjects that can be challenging. Proficiency in the English language is essential not only for communication but also for excelling in various subjects. English tutors play a crucial role in helping students overcome difficulties and achieve better grades in this subject. 

With personalised guidance, targeted instruction, and a tailored approach, a good tutor can provide students with the tools they need to enhance their language skills and overall academic performance.

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of enlisting the help of an online English tutor, as well as explain how English tutors can help students improve their understanding of the different aspects of the English language. 

The Benefits of an Online English Tutor

There are a multitude of benefits that online English tutors offer that contribute to students gaining a full understanding of this intricate language. 

A Personalised Learning Experience

English tutors offer a personalised learning experience that caters to the specific needs of each student. In a classroom setting, teachers often have limited time to address individual concerns, resulting in some students struggling to keep up. 

Tutors, on the other hand, can identify a student's strengths and weaknesses and design an improvement plan that is tailored to their unique requirements. Therefore, they’ll be able to provide targeted instruction that is aligned with the student's current skill level. Whether a student is struggling with grammar, writing, reading comprehension, or vocabulary, tutors can devote extra time to these areas until the student gains a solid understanding. 

This individualised approach enables students to focus on areas that require improvement, leading to more efficient and effective learning.

Individualised Attention

English tutors are able to provide one-on-one attention in their tutoring sessions. This will allow students to ask questions and seek clarification on areas of confusion. This is especially beneficial for students who are typically shy and lack the confidence to ask questions in front of their peers.  

Therefore, this interactive learning environment fosters open communication, where students can voice their uncertainties without hesitation. This will also ensure that the student progresses faster, obtaining a deeper understanding of the subject matter. 

Flexible Schedule

In contrast to conventional tutoring services, an online tutor offers students increased scheduling flexibility. For instance, if a student is engaged in homeschooling, an online tutor can accommodate tutoring sessions during the morning hours. 

Additionally, online tutoring streamlines time management by eliminating the need for students to commute to and from a tutoring centre. Consequently, students gain more study time and the freedom to partake in their preferred activities.

Building a Strong Foundation

English is often considered the foundation for success in other academic subjects. A strong command of the language can positively impact a student's performance in various disciplines, including history, social sciences, and even the sciences.

English tutors help students build a solid foundation in language skills, such as critical thinking, analytical reading, and effective communication. These skills are transferable and contribute to overall academic growth.

A Confidence Boost

Struggling with a subject can lead to a loss of confidence and self-esteem among students. English tutors not only help students improve their grades but also instil a sense of confidence in their abilities. 

As students begin to comprehend challenging concepts and witness their progress, their self-assurance grows. This newfound confidence can extend beyond the English class and positively influence their approach to other academic challenges.

Reading & Writing Tutors

English tutors play a crucial role in helping students enhance their reading and writing skills through targeted instruction, practice, and personalised feedback. 

When it comes to reading skills, tutors will typically select reading materials that match the student’s interests and proficiency levels, and teach them active reading strategies such as annotation and summarisation. They also aid in vocabulary development by introducing new words and explaining their meanings, and guide students in understanding main ideas, supporting details, and the structure of texts. 

Furthermore, they’ll encourage critical thinking by helping students make inferences and analyse authors' arguments. Through these engaging discussions, students learn to express their viewpoints and consider alternative interpretations.

When it comes to writing, English tutors assist students in pre-writing planning, aiding them in brainstorming ideas, and creating organised outlines. They’ll also emphasise the development of strong thesis statements for essays and research papers, helping students identify the main ideas in their writing. 

During this process, tutors should also address grammar and sentence structure to ensure clear and grammatically correct writing, while also nurturing individual writing styles and voices. Here, the editing process is a significant focus, with tutors providing feedback to enhance clarity, coherence, and correctness. 

This will lead to students learning to revise and edit their own work effectively, honing their self-revision skills through techniques like reading aloud and seeking peer feedback. 

Poetry and Literary Analyses Tutoring

English tutors can play a crucial role in assisting students with poetry and literary analyses. In poetry, tutors explain poetic elements like rhyme and metaphor, helping students understand their impact on meaning. They’ll also teach students to recognise diverse poetic forms and interpret themes and emotions conveyed through tone and mood. 

In terms of literary analyses, tutors guide students in close readings of texts, analysing themes, character development, and symbolism. They should provide historical context and introduce various schools of literary criticism. 

Furthermore, these tutors help students structure analytical essays, fostering the skills needed to engage critically with both poetry and complex literary works. Through this guidance, students gain the ability to appreciate the nuances of poetry and develop insights into the deeper meanings of literature.

Tutoring Grammar and Language Skills 

English tutors play a pivotal role in enhancing grammar and language skills through their comprehensive approach towards fully understanding the  language. 

They’ll typically begin by assessing a student's current proficiency levels, identifying areas of weakness. They’ll then deliver targeted instruction on essential grammar rules and concepts, simplifying complex rules for easy comprehension. 

Tutors will also present their students with interactive exercises and worksheets that allow them to practise grammar rules. The students will then engage in error correction sessions to help them recognise and rectify any mistakes they may have made. 

Special focus should also be given to constructing coherent sentences and expanding vocabulary, incorporating speaking practice to reinforce proper grammar usage in spoken language. This is important as speaking and writing correctly are closely linked to one another. 

Lastly, tutors will often provide their students with writing workshops and proofreading exercises, which enable them to apply their newly gained grammar knowledge to practical writing assignments. 

What CambriLearn English Tutors Offer

CambriLearn provides students with a comprehensive online tutoring course that will cover everything they’ll require to truly understand the English language and improve their grades. 

The CambriLearn tutoring courses cover topics such as: 

  • Reading: enhancing the student's comprehension of texts, encompassing the skill to differentiate between facts, ideas, and opinions, while also honing the ability to deduce information from the given content.
  • Writing: elevating grammatical constructs, enriching vocabulary, and refining the adeptness in adhering to paragraphing, punctuation, and spelling conventions.
  • Listening: assisting students in refining their grasp of spoken English, fostering effective organisation of information gleaned from conversations.
  • Speaking: facilitating articulate communication, enabling students to convey information clearly, bolster pronunciation, and effectively express their opinions.

Learn more about how the CambriLearn English tutors help their students excel here

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How English Tutors Can Help You Improve Your Grades

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How English Tutors Can Help You Improve Your Grades

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