Homeschool Planner - What to Include Plus FREE Printable Templates

Homeschool planners are essential for organising and staying on track with your lesson plans, schedules, goals, reading lists and more. Staying organised as a homeschooler can be difficult, and trying to ‘wing it’ will almost always result in you losing track and being overwhelmed. Creating a schedule and following weekly lesson plans will help smooth your homeschooling journey.

Did you know that 88% of college students wish they had better time management skills? Setting up and following a well organised schedule can help your child to fall into the remaining 12%.

What Should I Include in a Homeschool Planner?

1. Goals

Setting goals is important for kids because it establishes a sense of purpose for their actions. These goals could be based on a focus area where they need a little help  or an area that they already excel in. Make sure you check this periodically to ensure you stay on track.

To help you set goals, use the S.M.A.R.T framework, which stands for:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound

How Many Goals Should I Set Per Student?

Set 3 to 5 goals per student.

Can it be Personal Goals?

Yes, you can include personal goals here such as social skills, how to tie shoes and so forth.

2. National/Provincial/State Requirements

You may not use this often, but it definitely helps to have this information handy. These requirements will be unique to your country, province or state. For example, they may require that you keep an attendance record, register with a specific department, take a set number of subjects and so forth.

To assist you in finding out what your country may require we have this Comprehensive Homeschooling Guide.

3. Legal Documentations

Keep any legal documentation relating to your child's homeschooling journey. This may also not be used very often but, again, it helps to keep all of the necessary documents safe and close at hand. Documents such as student registration, letter of intent, report cards etc. (Varies from country to country).


Some stores offer discounts to homeschoolers, so having these documents handy to prove you're a homeschooler definitely helps. Click here to view a list of companies that offer homeschooling discounts.

4. Annual Schedule

Keep a schedule for the school year, this may include planned homeschooling days, exam periods, vacations and so forth. You may also want to decide on a specific symbol/abbreviation to mark attendance and keep track of how many days you homeschooled throughout the year. 

5. Reading List / Log

Create a reading list for each student. You may also want to create a reading log for the student to fill in which can ensure consistency in daily/weekly reading. We also have a blog post on how to encourage kids to read.

 Some Interesting Stats About Reading (Rakicevic, 2022):

  • Reading fiction can make you a better decision-maker, according to reading statistics in the world. 
  • Teenagers who read in their leisure time know 26% more words than those who don’t. 
  • Reading increases emotional intelligence, and consequently, your career prospects. 
  • Reading can reduce stress by up to 68%.
  • Reading can help reduce mental decline in old age by up to 32%.
  • 50% of people who read before bed report sleeping better than non-readers.

6. Lesson and Assignment Planner

A good lesson plan can be seen as an essential vitamin for a homeschooler's survival. It tells the parent and student what important content and activities need to be completed.

Effective Lesson Plans Include (Chalk, n.d.):

  • Planning with the student in mind
  • Maintaining an overall structure
  • Setting SMART objectives
  • Plan interactive activities
  • Leave room for discussion
  • Keep an even pace
  • Leave room for flexibility

Download the Free Printable Homeschool Planners

Download our free homeschooling planners to stay organised and manage your homeschooling journey successfully.


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Homeschool Planner - What to Include Plus FREE Printable Templates

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Homeschool Planner - What to Include Plus FREE Printable Templates

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