Evolve Online School vs CambriLearn Online School

Parents considering online schooling as their educational solution for their children have ample research to do. Unlike traditional schools where one only has access to the handful of schools within a certain area, online schools are accessible from anywhere as long as there is a stable internet connection. 

This requires parents to compare a number of online schools and ultimately choose the one best suited to their child and educational goals. 

To simplify this process, we have created this comparison, covering the fees, features, curriculums, and reviews of CambriLearn and Evolve. 

CambriLearn and Evolve's Online School Curriculums

Before proceeding with our comparison of available curriculums, let's explore the most popular online schooling curriculums in South Africa:

  • CAPS: The CAPS curriculum is a South African curriculum designed to provide a comprehensive framework for teaching and assessment from Grades R-12, emphasising critical thinking and practical skills aligned with national goals.
  • International British Curriculum: Based on the UK education system, the International British Curriculum is offered globally, focusing on inquiry-based learning, holistic development, and internationally recognised qualifications such as IGCSE and A-Levels, preparing students for higher education worldwide.
  • IEB: The Independent Examination Board is a South African curriculum and assessment body offering rigorous assessments for private schools, emphasising critical thinking and problem-solving skills, with exams recognised internationally, including the National Senior Certificate (NSC).
  • Pearson Edexcel: As an internationally recognised UK-based curriculum and assessment board, Pearson Edexcel offers a wide range of qualifications, including GCSEs, A-Levels, and vocational courses, focusing on student-centred learning, employability skills, and preparing students for higher education and the workforce.

Curriculums offered: 

Comparing CambriLearn and Evolve’s School Fees and Features

Each of these providers offers different schooling packages to meet different needs.

To facilitate a more meaningful comparison for parents, we've specifically evaluated both schools' packages based on the International British Curriculum for senior schooling levels, ranging from Lower Secondary to A Levels.

Platform Features: 

Important information about the fees comparison

  • CambriLearn's fees reflect the cost of purchasing all subjects for the year within the standard package.
  • Parents have the flexibility to choose certain subjects under the Standard package and opt for others, particularly where additional support may be required, under the Premium package.
  • CambriLearn does not impose any registration fees, whereas Evolve requires a registration fee of R650.
  • Price comparisons are based on the monthly payment options provided by both providers.
  • Examination fees are not included in either provider's fees, as these are conducted externally at Cambridge or Pearson Edexcel examination centres for IGCSE, AS, and A Levels.
  • CambriLearn offers a monthly repayment option spanning 10 months.
  • Evolve provides two monthly payment options: a 10-month repayment plan payable via EFT, and a 12-month payment plan payable via debit order.

Considerations for academic support

Evolve Online School provides students with dedicated teachers focused on ensuring the mastery of topics, alongside coaches who emphasise digital proficiency and social-emotional learning. Their system relies on automated and digital reports to track progress.
On the other hand, CambriLearn assigns each student an academic success consultant who continuously monitors progress and performance in real time, offering personalised remediation paths. This hands-on guidance ensures that students receive tailored support precisely when they need it most, surpassing the static and automated approach of Evolve.
By providing live, personalised assistance, CambriLearn fosters a more dynamic and effective learning experience, ultimately standing out as a superior option for academic support. 

Comparing CambriLearn and Evolve Subjects

CambriLearn and Evolve Lower Secondary levels (Years 7-9)  subjects

CambriLearn and Evolve IGCSE subjects

CambriLearn and Evolve AS Level subjects

CambriLearn and Evolve A Level subjects

CambriLearn and Evolve Reviews

Below is a comparison of both schooling providers in terms of their review rating on the most popular rating platforms:

Disclaimer: The information in this piece was collected from public sources on 26 April 2024, and may have changed since the date it was published.

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Evolve Online School vs CambriLearn Online School

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Evolve Online School vs CambriLearn Online School

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