8 Reasons kids need to learn to code

In the past, eager parents wanted their children to become accountants, doctors and lawyers. Today, you are just as likely to hear parents talking about their kids becoming software developers, computer scientists and technology entrepreneurs. Here are our top eight reasons for encouraging your child to learn to code.

Develops confidence and independence

One of the main things children tell us at Fire Tech is how much more confident they feel after completing a camp. Learning something new in a fun and dynamic environment, surrounded by other curious children, really helps to boost confidence. The coding course proposed by Fire Tech on CambriLearn platform also fosters a greater sense of independence because children are given the freedom to explore and learn on their own.

Technology is everywhere

It used to be that computers were massive boxes that stood in the back rooms of large corporations, then they fit on our desks and now they fit in our pockets and on our wrists. From our cars to our fridges, computer technology is increasingly becoming a part of almost everything that we use. By learning how to code, children will be able to better navigate this increasingly technological world.

Active vs passive engagement

It’s fun to watch videos on YouTube and play games on an iPhone but kids can create that content too! Kids can play an active role in the future of entertainment or build a platform that millions of people use to create content. By learning how to code children go from being passive users of apps and games to actively participating in their creation.

Increased employability

A brief search on any job listings directory and it’s immediately obvious that tech skills and problem solving are in high demand. Opportunities in these jobs are growing strongly, and programmers and product managers now command big salaries.  Being able to analyse Big Data with Python or create automations for routine tasks, for example, will be more and more important in tomorrow’s world of work.

Transferable skills

Coding encompasses a wide range of cognitive skills and teaches children about the practical application of mathematics. More specifically, coding is a really good way to teach children how to think logically. By understanding the rules of programming, children can start to see how relatively complicated processes work and how to organise them. Learning to think in a more structured way is an incredibly valuable tool.

Builds resilience

Speak to almost any seasoned coder and they will tell you about the challenges one faces. It’s not uncommon for coders to face and complete complex projects, and to overcome intermediate setbacks, something that makes them very resilient people. Learning to deal with problems and challenges is what it takes to be successful in whatever field you choose. Learning to code makes you a stronger person.

Learn and play

While coding can increase your child’s chances of finding a rewarding career, help them think more logically and become more resilient, it’s also a lot of fun. From creating small games to programming robots, coding is one of the most fun ways to learn and play at the same time.  Fire Tech coding course immerses your children in a world of wonder made real by their own hands.

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8 Reasons kids need to learn to code

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8 Reasons kids need to learn to code

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