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J.R Education Centre

, a CambriLearn Education Partner.

J.R Education Centre

provides homeschooling parents and students with a hybrid schooling model and additional academic support that matches their unique learning needs.

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About J.R Education Centre

J.R Education Centre offers educational services for students between the ages of 9 and 18, providing individualised attention in medium groups of no more than 10 students. Their services include support for students with special needs, helping talented students complete school whilst developing their music or sports skills, university placement assistance and career guidance, social events and extracurricular activities.

J.R Education Centre is committed to each learner's individual success and productivity. These schedules are based on the learner's personal goals, capabilities and needs.

J.R Education Centre's facilities include a coffee shop, free Wi-Fi, playing field and security.

J.R Education Centre offers support for the following subjects

  • Afrikaans
  • Biology
  • Business Studies
  • English
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Science / Natural Sciences
  • Psychology
  • Environmental Science

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J.R Education Centre

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Online Learning Content

Access detailed course outlines, multi-sensory videos and interactive lessons available 24/7 on mobile, laptop, tablet and PC.

Certified teachers

CambriLearn's online learning content is created by certified and professionally trained teachers to ensure students get access to quality learning material.

Live & Recorded Lessons

CambriLearn students get access to structured lessons in an online classroom environment or an on demand video library to review their course work.

Student Tracker

Easily track improvement across each of your courses and get marked assignments with teacher feedback.

Flexible Schooling Options

Parents can choose a hybrid education with CambriLearn and our registered partners. Offering personalised learning, online and in person.

Recognised Qualifications

All our courses and qualifications prepare students for further studies locally and abroad.