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Emotional intelligence development courses for kids

Empowering children with the social and emotional tools to flourish through to adulthood

Every human being has a need to be recognised and supported as they are. This creates psychological safety.

Social and emotional learning (SEL) is a crucial part of education and human development. SEL teaches children to understand and appreciate differences and diversity, and develop one's own character for better self-awareness. Great SEL skills relate directly to academic performance, emotional health and employability.

CambriLearn is launching a SEL course developed by Mightifier. The course is designed to help learners discover constructive ways to process their emotions and interact with others in a respectful way.

Children who have completed the Social and Emotional Learning course have shown improved:

Self esteem and self awareness
Attitude and relationships
Ability to cope with social and peer pressures
Learning outcomes

Social and Emotional Learning Course Information

Course Duration

The SEL course starts on 17 January 2022, and runs for 24 weeks.
This course cannot be done independently as it involves structured group work.


This course is designed to be completed in conjunction with an International British or CAPS curriculum.

Suggested Age Levels

Age 6-7
Age 8-9
Age 10-12

Course Costs

Once-off: R5000 or $360
Monthly (over 10 months): R589 or $42

Course Timetable

Times listed below is UTC+2:


Ages 6-7

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Ages 8-9

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Ages 10-12

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What our students say about us

I like how we are able to rewatch our live lesson and can go through our course in our own pace. We can also repeat a lesson in case we didn't understand it and the Teachers also do make sure that if we didn't understand something in our assignments, that they help out by giving us advice.
Everything is so well explained, that it is a lot of fun to learn. I never had so much fun doing schoolwork before.
I just love Cambrilearn. I find that I, myself, am learning far, far better than I did back in school. I feel like I have a vaster knowledge of the work. I also love how the live lessons work and how you submit an assignment, I just love it. This has been the best move for me, and I WILL definitely (without a doubt) recommend Cambrilearn to other people. :)
Besides the weekly course content I also like the extra work the teachers send us before the live lessons and that they are always prepared before a class.
cambrilearn reviews
Teachers were very supportive and helpful. They responded in time when I had queries and overall were friendly and encouraging towards my learning at CambriLearn.