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Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) on CambriLearn

Every human being has a need to be recognised and supported as they are. This creates psychological safety.

When a person feels safe and appreciated, only the sky is the limit.

Social and emotional learning is a crucial part of education and human development. SEL teaches children to understand and appreciate differences and diversity, and develop one's own character for better self-awareness. The course is designed to help learners discover constructive ways to process their emotions and interact with others in a respectful way, which is incredibly valuable for students who are relocating. By better enabling students to adjust to the new cultures surrounding them, SEL can form the foundation of a child's integration within their society.

Great SEL skills relate directly to:

Academic Performance

Emotional Health


Children who have completed the SEL course have shown improved:

Self-esteem and self-awareness

Attitudes and relationship

Ability to manage social and peer pressure

Learning outcomes


Each course is 24 weeks long

This course cannot be done independently as it involves structured group work

This is an online course

This course is designed to be completed in conjunction with an International British curriculum

There are 3 courses available for ages 6-7 years, 8-9 years and 10-12 years

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