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Robotics & Coding on CambriLearn

Robotics helps nurture curious minds whilst providing an environment for children to explore digital concepts and innovative ideas.

Creativity and Problem-solving:

Robotics promotes an environment for children to think freely and creatively. Whilst brainstorming robotic concepts children will be faced with obstacles in their creation process that will encourage them to come up with solutions to overcome these challenges. Robotics teaches children to work through complex problems, to see things  analytically and improves problem-solving abilities.

Social and Emotional Skills:

Building a robot is a complex task that takes patience and courage. Robotics provides an ideal environment for a child to work through complex puzzles and teaches them how to  handle making mistakes. In Robotics, mistakes are welcomed as they usually reveal crucial information that is needed to solve the problem at hand. This teaches children to keep going, even when they fail, and allows them to experience the rewards associated with perseverance. Coding isn’t only about the app, software, robot or digital solutions, coding is a multidisciplinary field where students will gain knowledge and tools that go way beyond the pure line of code.

Career Development:

The demand for STEM-related jobs will remain strong in the future. Programmers are required in almost every field and Robotics is a valuable skillset to introduce children to a digital career pathway. Being computer literate is now mandatory in many job roles and it has become a necessity for a child’s future to learn essential computer skills. A Robotics course teaches children to become more comfortable and confident in a field of technology. This helps promote critical thinking skills, boosts self-confidence and sets them up to explore a career in technology.


Robotics teaches children how to interact and work together in a group. It highlights the importance of getting input from all members of the team in order to achieve a common goal. This promotes important listening skills and teaches children to show respect for their peers.

Science and Math concepts:

Robotics takes a different approach to teaching children science and math concepts that would otherwise be difficult for them to understand. These concepts give children  practical examples of lessons that were previously learnt from a textbook and helps promote a more hands-on learning environment.

Promotes a Love of Learning:

Children learn better when they have an active interest in the subject matter. Robotics is FUN and therefore assists in promoting an environment where children want to learn.


Course Duration:

10 weeks x 2 modules = 20 weeks


No previous knowledge is required

A device to connect to the internet

Access to BBC micro:bit is not mandatory but it is highly recommended for optimal learning outcomes

Suggested Age Levels:

Ages 10 years and up

This is an online course. Students are able to complete  the course content at their own pace.

About CambriLearn

CambriLearn is an internationally recognised online schooling platform that provides online lessons and materials for students of all ages who want to learn at their own pace and in their own time.

Some of the benefits CambriLearn's students enjoy include:

Complete Online Courses

Access detailed course outlines, multi-sensory videos and interactive lessons available 24/7 on mobile, laptop, tablet and PC.

International Accreditation

CambriLearn is accredited with Cognia, with the shared goal of a holistic education focused on providing every opportunity that knowledge brings.

Student Tracker

Easily track improvement across each of your courses and get marked assignments with teacher feedback.

Marked Assignments & Exams

Submit your assignments and mock exams via the platform and get personalised feedback.

Direct chat with teachers

Students can communicate directly with teachers through a live chat feature.

Chat forums

Our forums create strong community engagement and support for students, guardians and tutors.

Live and recorded lessons

Interactive Q&A sessions and live lessons with teachers. These lessons are recorded and are available for students to view anytime.