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CambriLearn has partnered with Sanelo to make the dream of homeschooling or distance learning more attainable, by providing parents with a one-of-a-kind internationally accredited online learning platform.

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CambriLearn's Exam Prep courses

5 Week International GCSE and AS Level exam preparation courses to ensure that you excel in the Cambridge exams.

Students who enrol in the CambriLearn exam preparation courses can expect the following:

Online Q&A Sessions

Join the weekly online lessons to interact with a teacher and your peers to ask questions about the syllabus content being covered in that week.

Small classes

Get individualised attention in a small classroom setting, where students can have the confidence to ask about topics they are having difficulty with.

Full Lesson Library

Students receive additional access to a full year's worth of lessons from the CambriLearn lesson library, including videos and additional content to help them master difficult topics.

Additional Practice

Complete assignments and mock exams based on past papers to properly prepare for your upcoming exams.


Course Duration:

5 weeks PLUS extended access to course content until the end of the exam series

Next course date & Timetable

The next course starts on 28 August 2023.

We recommend students enrolling before the 28th to ensure that they enjoy the maximum benefit of the online Q&A sessions with professionally trained teachers.

View the IGCSE timetable here.

View the AS Level timetable here.

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Why CambriLearn Online School?

Online Learning Content

Access detailed course outlines, multi-sensory videos and interactive lessons available 24/7 on mobile, laptop, tablet and PC.

Certified Teachers

Hand-picked teachers from across the globe to ensure that students get the best education and support.

Live & Recorded Lessons

CambriLearn students get access to structured lessons in an online classroom environment or an on demand video library to review their course work.

Student Tracker

Easily track improvement across each of your courses and get marked assignments with teacher feedback.

Flexible Schooling Options

Parents can combine curriculums, packages and different schooling levels to provide a personalised education for their children.

Recognised Qualifications

All our courses and qualifications prepare students for further studies locally and abroad.