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If you are looking for an online learning centre then contact MyEdu, a CambriLearn Education Partner.

MyEdu provides homeschooling parents and students with a hybrid schooling model and additional academic support that matches their unique learning needs.

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About My Edu

MyEdu is an educational platform that allows students from around the world, aged 5 to 19, to participate. Students can enroll in an unlimited variety of subjects, helping them discover their strengths and interests. MyEdu believes that learning must be enjoyable to be sustainable and combines this philosophy with the international curriculum offered by CambriLearn to create an engaging and continuous learning experience. Being online increases opportunities to meet a wide range of people, emphasizing the importance of a collaborative learning environment during childhood. Recognizing the importance of learning with enjoyment and maintaining a balanced approach, the combination of MyEdu and CambriLearn offers an optimal learning experience.

MyEdu offers Project-Based Learning (PBL) lessons and lessons that incorporate gaming. This allows students to interact with friends from around the world without leaving their own country. Experiencing cultural and linguistic differences from a young age is incredibly important for children. Specifically, in PBL lessons, students can learn science and math, acquiring practical problem-solving skills through these subjects.

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Why CambriLearn Online School?

Online Learning Content

Access detailed course outlines, multi-sensory videos and interactive lessons available 24/7 on mobile, laptop, tablet and PC.

Certified Teachers

Hand-picked teachers from across the globe to ensure that students get the best education and support.

Live & Recorded Lessons

CambriLearn students get access to structured lessons in an online classroom environment or an on demand video library to review their course work.

Student Tracker

Easily track improvement across each of your courses and get marked assignments with teacher feedback.

Flexible Schooling Options

Parents can combine curriculums, packages and different schooling levels to provide a personalised education for their children.

Recognised Qualifications

All our courses and qualifications prepare students for further studies locally and abroad.