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Many parents understand the benefits of providing their children with a personalised education through homeschooling but think it is not an attainable solution due to their work schedule and the need to have a dedicated person on hand to guide the child through their online curriculum. 

CambriLearn has partnered with AuPair Extraordinaire to make the dream of homeschooling more attainable, by providing parents with a dedicated tutor combined with a one-of-a-kind internationally accredited online learning platform. 

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What is online homeschooling?

Online homeschooling involves making use of an online learning platform to connect students to teachers, live lessons and interactive learning content.

CambriLearn is responsible for designing the lessons, administering assessments and preparing students to write their relevant exams. This is a great tool to help homeschooling families gain access to structured coursework and professionally trained teachers. 

Online schooling can be done in a homeschooling environment with the assistance of a tutor. This option provides students with the freedom and flexibility of online learning, combined with personalised educational support and guidance from a tutor. 

Best of Both

CambriLearn in Partnership with Au Pair Extraordinaire. 

CambriLearn is a champion of the hybrid schooling model, our interactive learning content and qualified teachers are perfectly complemented by Au Pair Extraordinaire’s high-touch online tutoring and exam preparation service.

Benefits of homeschooling with Au Pair Extraordinaire

  • One-on-one tutor: This is the biggest benefit of homeschooling: your child gets complete, undivided attention. One-on-one tutoring allows the child to receive individual attention which is not possible in traditional classrooms, where the child often has to share the classroom with many other students, all of whom have diverse needs.
  • Flexibility: The child has access to the material anytime and anywhere, allowing you the freedom and flexibility to plan your timetable according to a schedule that suits your family. 
  • Eliminates peer pressure: A traditional classroom environment can cause unnecessary negative competition and peer pressure. This can lead to a negative attitude toward learning and social pressures which can affect students’ mental health. 
  • Control over the subject matter: Online homeschooling allows you the opportunity to tailor-make the lesson plan according to your unique child. This means that you are able to give core attention to key development areas. 
  • Saves time: Homeschooling is a noticeably more efficient way of schooling. There is far less time wasted on mundane routines, like assemblies and drive time etc. This means that you can better invest that time in actual learning. 
  • Safe learning environment: Students generally feel safe and comfortable in their homes. It keeps them away from issues like bullying and negative company which may adversely affect or influence them. Even though these issues do not occur in every school, online homeschooling still remains a better option for parents who worry about the safety of their children.
  • Less pressure on parents: It may sound somewhat surprising, but homeschooling can actually lessen some of the pressure on parents as it lessens the unnecessary pressure to assist with deadline-driven projects, tests, homework, assignments and compulsory extra-mural activities.
  • Focus on the child’s talents: Homeschooling gives students and parents the opportunity to focus on the inherent talents of the child and nurture them. For instance, a child who is musically oriented can be given music classes alongside their academic lessons, and at an hour convenient to them. This will widen the child’s education and make it a more progressive experience.
  • Increases personal interaction of introverted children: Traditional schooling methods often ignore the needs of introverted children who may be too shy to speak up in class for fear of being ridiculed by others. Homeschooling with a tutor can increase a child’s confidence to talk about their areas of doubt and thus gain a better understanding of the subject being studied.  

About CambriLearn

CambriLearn is an internationally recognised online schooling platform that provides online lessons and materials for students of all ages who want to learn at their own pace and in their own time.

Some of the benefits CambriLearn's students enjoy include:

Complete Online Courses

Access detailed course outlines, multi-sensory videos and interactive lessons available 24/7 on mobile, laptop, tablet and PC.

International Accreditation

CambriLearn is accredited with Cognia, with the shared goal of a holistic education focused on providing every opportunity that knowledge brings.

Student Tracker

Easily track improvement across each of your courses and get marked assignments with teacher feedback.

Marked Assignments & Exams

Submit your assignments and mock exams via the platform and get personalised feedback.

Direct chat with teachers

Students can communicate directly with teachers through a live chat feature.

Chat forums

Our forums create strong community engagement and support for students, guardians and tutors.

Live and recorded lessons

Interactive Q&A sessions and live lessons with teachers. These lessons are recorded and are available for students to view anytime.