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Create your own online school with our customisable white-label solution or use the existing CambriLearn platform as an e-learning offering for your students

We have assisted multiple top schools set up and maintain their online learning platforms. Through these strategic partnerships and our interactive dashboards, teachers have reported an increase in grades, less time spent on administrative tasks, increased parenting interaction and learner accountability.

Our education solutions for schools

White-Labelled Online Learning Platform

We offer traditional schools a turnkey solution to building and maintaining an online learning platform. Schools and tutors are freed from the barriers to entry and the expertise needed to offer high quality personalised virtual learning for full curricula support, extra lessons or supplementary courses.

Turnkey Platform

Custom-developed white-labelled platform with lightweight customisation enables tutors and schools to offer virtual schooling without requiring extensive investment and experience.

Content & Teachers

Our multi-sensory content is custom developed to allow for a personalised learning experience, and is presented by qualified teachers.

Operations & Support

Built-in billing administration, technical support and data privacy management

Reseller Programme

For schools and tutors who do not wish to build their own personalised platform, but want to offer an online learning solution and supplementary courses to their students, we offer an attractive school reseller programme. 

CambriLearn can assist with enhancing your brand and services and attracting new students. Not only is it 100% cost-free to start, but you also earn a commission on your sales.
Attractive commission structure
Access to all our courses and curricula
Training & customer support
Interactive platform and dashboards to track student progress
Interactive course content

Curricula & Courses

What our students say about us

I like how we are able to rewatch our live lesson and can go through our course in our own pace. We can also repeat a lesson in case we didn't understand it and the Teachers also do make sure that if we didn't understand something in our assignments, that they help out by giving us advice.
Everything is so well explained, that it is a lot of fun to learn. I never had so much fun doing schoolwork before.
I just love Cambrilearn. I find that I, myself, am learning far, far better than I did back in school. I feel like I have a vaster knowledge of the work. I also love how the live lessons work and how you submit an assignment, I just love it. This has been the best move for me, and I WILL definitely (without a doubt) recommend Cambrilearn to other people. :)
Besides the weekly course content I also like the extra work the teachers send us before the live lessons and that they are always prepared before a class.
cambrilearn reviews
Teachers were very supportive and helpful. They responded in time when I had queries and overall were friendly and encouraging towards my learning at CambriLearn.