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What is a Learning Pod?

Learning Pods are a key element of the CambriLearn global community, where CambriLearn students gather for in-person support on their courses or to meet up with other students for events and extramural activities. 

All Learning Pods are partners in the CambriLearn community and are supported by the CambriLearn HQ, receiving financial incentives and assistance to help you grow your business. 

Start a Learning Pod with CambriLearn and combine remarkable financial opportunity with the power to make a profound and lasting impact on the lives of children in your community.

Academic Learning Pod

An academic learning pod is a small group of CambriLearn students of different ages who come together to study, at their own pace, through the CambriLearn online platform. A learning pod offers the support and premises that allows students to complete an online education alongside a group of peers.

Social Learning Pod

A social learning pod is a small group of CambriLearn students who come together for events and extra-mural activities. The goal of Social Learning Pods is to provide an environment for homeschooled learners to socialise, interact and have FUN!

How does the process work?


Complete the contact form below and one of our business development consults will get in touch to book a virtual consultation.


Once your application is accepted, we will step you through a short induction programme on the CambriLearn platform and processes. This induction will teach you how to market your efforts to ensure a profitable business whilst providing a safe and secure learning and social environment.


Once you have completed the induction and training, you will receive your digital marketing material and CambriLearn Learning Pod webpage.

Benefits of starting a Learning Pod

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Significant revenue potential
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Training from the CambriLearn Pedagogy team
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Marketing and sales coaching from experts
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Head office customer support
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Freedom and flexibility of being your own boss
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Make a positive difference in the lives of children
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A brand you can trust

Who should consider starting a learning pod?

  • Teachers or Parents who are wanting to offer tutoring services or start their own business.
  • Churches who want to offer a safe learning environment for their congregation that aligns with their beliefs and life choices.
  • Sports Clubs can assist gifted children by accommodating training schedules and student interests into their education (E.g: gymnastics, equestrian schools or soccer clubs).
  • Aftercare Centres who want to offer supplementary learning or courses that are not available in a traditional school (E.g: Robotics or French).

Why CambriLearn

Partners trust us, children love our classes, and universities around the world recognise the accredited quality of our lessons.
Tried and Tested

Our online learning platform has been tried and tested, over the last decade, by more than three million students worldwide.
Internationally Recognised

Our internationally accredited education is recognised at universities and schools around the world.
Personalised Education

A personal, flexible and self-paced learning solution to suit a child’s individual needs and schedule.
Hybrid Learning Environment

Student’s benefit from the freedom and flexibility of online learning combined with the support and social interactions of studying alongside a group of peers.
All-in-One Solution

Gain access to a wide range of courses including an international British curriculum, CAPS & supplementary courses from Pre-Primary to Matric.
Optimal Learning Zones

Our teaching methods and course content promote increased knowledge retention and instil a love of learning.

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What our students say about us

I like how we are able to rewatch our live lesson and can go through our course in our own pace. We can also repeat a lesson in case we didn't understand it and the Teachers also do make sure that if we didn't understand something in our assignments, that they help out by giving us advice.
Everything is so well explained, that it is a lot of fun to learn. I never had so much fun doing schoolwork before.
I just love Cambrilearn. I find that I, myself, am learning far, far better than I did back in school. I feel like I have a vaster knowledge of the work. I also love how the live lessons work and how you submit an assignment, I just love it. This has been the best move for me, and I WILL definitely (without a doubt) recommend Cambrilearn to other people. :)
Besides the weekly course content I also like the extra work the teachers send us before the live lessons and that they are always prepared before a class.
cambrilearn reviews
Teachers were very supportive and helpful. They responded in time when I had queries and overall were friendly and encouraging towards my learning at CambriLearn.